Info on ‘RHOP’ Friend and Her Spouse, Drè Davis

Meet the latest Bravo power couple! The Real Housewives of Potomac recently introduced Askale Davis, a “friend” of the Housewives nicknamed the “Ethi-Oprah.” In addition to her newfound reality fame, Askale is a community engagement manager for UNCF’s K–12 advocacy team, according to her bio on the organization’s website.

But her husband, Drè Davis — with whom she has welcomed two kids, Jonas and Ava — is kind of a big deal, too. Essence announced this June that Drè had become director of talent and influencer relations of Fanbase, a social platform that allows creators to monetize content through subscriptions.

Through his new job, Drè is hoping to reverse the systemic problems that content creators face.

In a statement, Fanbase said Drè would be “architecting the celebrity and influencer creator culture on the platform,” drawing on his 20 years of music industry experience and talent management. (In addition to Fanbase, Drè is a partner at Supergiant Records and founder of Blue Alley Touring.)

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“I’m excited to be joining the Fanbase team and dive into the incredible work we’re starting this year,” Drè told Essence. “Disparities in the social media landscape are nothing new, but my hope is through Fanbase we innovate new ways that reverse the systemic problems many of these young creators, especially Black creators, face every day with monetization.”

He went on: “With the support already coming in from big names across industries like Snoop Dogg and Charlamagne Tha God we really are on the precipice of some important and impactful work ahead.”

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Askale and Drè’s blended family journey began when they started dating in 2015.

In an Instagram caption this March, Askale shared her and Drè’s origin story as she posted Instagram photos of them in 2015 and them now.

“I can’t believe it’s been six whole years since Drè and I started dating,” she wrote. “I still remember the picture on the left like it was yesterday. Drè had a few days off in between his tour dates, so he flew in to take me out. We ended up missing our restaurant reservations, so we decided to hit up a local late night restaurant for dinner.”

She went on: “I remember being so excited and nervous at the same time. I mean, I knew we meshed well as friends, but how would we be as lovers? Well, based on the second picture, I guess we ended up meshing very well.”

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And in an Instagram caption in September 2020, Askale discussed her decision to join Drè in a blended family — and she praised the two kids he brought to the relationship. “That decision was one of the best things I could’ve done,” she told followers.

“Since my very first encounter with my bonus babies, Bleu and River, they have been a true blessing to my life. They’ve been such a source of unconditional love and light, and I’m so thankful that God chose me to be a receiver of all that they have to offer. I truly can’t express how blessed I feel to have them in my life. … My parents, brother, cousins, we’re all just one big, happy, blended family.”

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