Innovative? Viral food hack of removing oil from curry with ice baffles internet [VIRAL VIDEO]

Curry is a staple in Asia. Be it the Indian subcontinent or the South East Asian countries, the different varieties of the same continue to satiate avid foodies around the world.

However, many health aficionados have a bone to pick with it. The amount of oil used to bring about the flavor proves detrimental to them. It is due to this reason that these dishes now have low-calorie alternatives as well that claim to be as scrumptious as the original.

In light of this, a hack has gone viral that may please them. Shared on Twitter, it shows a massive block of ice being used to remove oil from a hotpot.

Take a look.

Once the block is put in the gravy, the oil forms a layer around it. Later, it easily comes out and it is dipped in the curry again to repeat the process.

“Using ice to remove the oil,” said the caption. A Twitter page named ‘Time for Knowledge (24×7)’ shared the viral clip that has garnered 2,34,400 views.

For obvious reasons, an intense debate ensued in the comments section. The hack left netizens divided. Some found this extremely innovative and brilliant. “Tbh this is pretty brilliant innovation lolz,” a user quipped in.

However, some were not sold by the ‘controversial’ hack. According to them, fat provides a delicious flavour and by removing it, it will not be the same. A user chimed in, “Most of the flavours , essence, aromas dissolved in oil will be gone. The result will be like eating boiled chicken with water-soluble flavour.”

What is your take?


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