Insane Video Shows Spider Weaving An Incredible Web


An incredible web has been recorded being weaved by a talented spider. 

If you’ve ever walked through a web and torn it down then now is your chance to feel extremely guilty.

A video posted on Twitter by Rex Chapman has revealed just how much hard work and dedication goes into creating such works of art, and this spider‘s web is particularly impressive.

Spider in Web Garden spider (Araneus diadematus) early on an autumn morning on a spider's web (Alamy)Alamy

Creepy crawlies may give you the ick, but it is hard not to marvel at this spider’s impressive feat in how elegantly and fluidly it spins a massive web.

In the sped-up video shared by Chapman, the spider can be seen dancing around the centre of the web and zigzagging to-and-fro to create a spiralling piece of art.

The end result is perfectly symmetrical and stunningly delicate, making me regret every time I have brushed through and destroyed such an amazing feat.

The post has since amassed over 195,900 views, 2,467 likes and 427 retweets, with other users flocking to the tweet in awe of the eight-legged arthropod’s mega skills. One said: ‘Spiders can build homes with their a**es. I can only clear one  with mine.’

I’m just awestruck by this. And yet, it is an ordinary part of our miracle earth.

A third commented: ‘When do spiders go to web school or they just get born and are like alright time to go crazy.’

They may appear scary, with eight spindly, and often hairy, legs and they can pack a serious pace, but don’t be so quick when you next decide to dust away the cobwebs, because the grind that has gone into their webs is next level.


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