Inside Aidy Bryant’s Marriage To Conner O’Malley

Aidy Bryant told Bust in 2015 that before meeting Conner O’Malley, she “only had experiences with horrible mind games with men.” However, she’s grateful for the lessons she learned because it helped her figure out what she didn’t want in a relationship. The comedian explained, “I don’t want games or manipulation or trying to make each other jealous. I want full, comfortable honesty. And that is really what Conner and I have always had.”

The “Saturday Night Live” star is also very realistic about her marriage based on comments made on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” a few years ago. She said on the show in 2017, “We’ve been together a long time; we’ve been together almost nine years. So, a lot of the shimmer and shine has faded and we’re just living every damn day as best we can.” Bryant added that the two have been through a lot together and were in each other’s lives during their respective humble beginnings. She continued, “He used to work as a full-blown garbage man — not a joke, just a garbage man. I used to sweep up hair in a barbershop. I mean, we’ve, like, been through it.” Now they’re both huge comedy stars and going strong!


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