Inside ‘alien’ plastic surgery trend as influencers book in for extreme filler

Cometic surgeons have warned of a worrying new plastic surgery trend which is on the rise due to “social media” and “distorted” beauty standards.

Dr Riccardo Frati of Frati Cosmetic Surgery spoke to the Daily Star about the rise of “alienating” procedures which “over treat” the face until it is an extreme version of beauty.

This can include excessive fillers, ultra-narrow nose jobs and extreme cheekbones.

Dr Riccardo explained: “Alienising has been described as the ‘over-distortion of one’s face’.

“Poorly placed filler, overtreatment and overfilling can lead to what is called ‘alienisation’.”

When asked about what led to the rise of the unusual looking treatment, the surgeon said: “I think people are spending a lot more time on screens – social media, selfies and I think we’re seeing ourselves a whole lot more in comparison to 10 years ago even.

“I think these combine to create a desire to look a certain way.

“Alienising is just another trend – people are allowed to experiment and see what works for them!”

Dr Steven showed the difference on an image of his sister

Dr Riccardo added that “alienising” is more popular with the “younger population” in their 20s and 30s, but that it can cost anywhere from £17,000 to £20,000 to complete.

One example of an alienised aesthetic is Anastasia Pokreshchuk who’s chiselled features have helped to catapult her to Instagram fame.

The Ukrainian model says she’s got the “world’s biggest cheeks”, which she’s achieved by spending hundreds on face fillers.

Before splashing out on facial fillers the 26-year-old was a natural beauty.

But, the Instagram star now has huge cheekbones, Botoxed skin, bright pink hair, a plump pout and icy blue contact lenses.

All of this gives her an alien-esque appearence which she adores.

Anastasia Pokreshchuk before and after her fillers
Anastasia Pokreshchuk before and after her fillers

But, is “alienising” dangerous?

Dr Riccardo said: “Some accredited surgeons would be willing to provide this service, however, before any procedure we have to consider the psychological and physical effects of the patient to ensure they’re making an informed decision.”

And, Dr Steven Harris, who runs the Harris Clinic in Crouch End, north London, has previously stated that poor filler treatment has become the “new normal” and that he worries about the “live and let live” attitude among practitioners.

He shared a series of images on Instagram to demonstrate what he calls the “epidemic” of alienation.

Dr Steven posted two snaps of his sister, one which shows her face normally and another where her face has been digitally altered to simulate the look which is common among those who have had too much filler.

Just Queen Anastasia
Anastasia loves her new look – even though some have compared her to an “alien”

He said: “The term ‘alienisation’ refers to distortion of features outside the normal range for the individual so that it appears alien for that particular person.

“Some people present naturally with certain features in the simulation, but the problem is creating these in those who do not and making everyone look the same.”

Dr Steven added: “There are many reasons for this and while the lack of regulations play an important role, distorted results can be found commonly amongst some of the most highly qualified practitioners.

“It would appear that while for example our knowledge and understanding of anatomy is increasing exponentially, this is at the expense of artistry which is grossly lacking in our industry.

“The distortion of features often involves a ‘More is More’ approach and so monetary gain or greed is an important factor to consider.”

Dr Steven acknowledged that there has been a “perception drift” in beauty standards caused by “daily bombardment of abnormal images” online.

Social media has caused 'distorted beauty standards', claim doctors
Social media has caused ‘distorted beauty standards’, claim doctors

He worries that a rise in Body Dysmorphic Disorder – where sufferers cannot clearly see what they actually look like – is to blame.

Dr Steven said: “It is important we understand all the reasons for this epidemic which is spreading at an alarming rate and fast becoming the New Normal.

“It is important because this will help us with damage limitation.

“While these features such as ‘Russian lips’ are unsustainable and will come to an end one day, this will take many years as the epidemic is spreading at an alarming rate.

“So in the meantime, it is about damage limitation and this involves understanding alienisation – it’s root causes; how it has come about, how it is spreading and what can be done to minimise the damage.

“As many people (both patients and practitioners) have lost the ability to see normal (and we will again explore the reasons why), I think it is important to have a classification system for alienisation which is what I will present this week.”

He added: “And as practitioners we have a duty of care to first, do no harm.”

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