Inside Jen Psaki’s Relationship With Fox News Reporter Peter Doocy


It appears that the relationship between Jen Psaki and Peter Doocy is a lot more cordial than either would have us mere mortals believe, because during an interview with Mediaite, Psaki admitted that things weren’t really what they seemed. “People don’t always see this, but outside the briefing room, it is entirely professional and entirely, hopefully, responsive. There’s a performative component from the TV side of the briefing room,” she said.

Psaki said she is under no illusions about the slant that Fox News has, saying, “I’m very clear eyed about the view of Fox News, of me, of the president, of many people who work here. Right. Peter Doocy is a correspondent for Fox News. But I have also found my engagements with him to be entirely professional. He’s somebody who engages with our staff, obviously, in the briefing room, but also beyond the briefing room as well.”

One thing the White House press secretary is clear about is her role in ensuring that the right information is being disseminated at all times. “[I’m]┬ánot going to allow propaganda to go unnoticed, right? And I’m not going to let misinformation brew and boil in there,” she said. “I’m not going to be silent if there is misinformation that is being shared because that briefing room is really for the American people so they can get information and know what’s happening.”

Which means we can count on hearing more #psakibombs for some time to come.

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