Inside Married At First Sight stars Adam and Tayah’s romantic Antigua honeymoon after they tie the knot on TV

MARRIED At First Sight’s Adam and Tayah have given fans a look inside their luxurious honeymoon in Antigua.

The smitten newlyweds had a dream time in the Caribbean, drinking cocktails and relaxing on a white sandy beach.


Tayah and Adam had a stunning honeymoon in AntiguaCredit: Instagram / Adam Aveling
They stayed at the luxury Sandals Resort


They stayed at the luxury Sandals Resort
They were treated to romantic dinners


They were treated to romantic dinnersCredit: Instagram / Adam Aveling

Adam sipped wine by the Sandals Resort pool and kept his fitness up with a game of tennis.

The couple enjoyed candlelit meals and stunning ocean views, so it was little wonder Adam called it an “amazing experience”.

The electrician, 26, and his estate agent wife, 25, are head over heels despite having only been partnered together for two weeks on the show.

Tayah even revealed they’ve been at it like rabbits in the days since tying the knot.

Mafs expert Paul Brunson recently told us Adam is desperate to start a family.

In an exclusive chat with The Sun, Paul said he’s not surprised at all by how quickly the relationship is progressing.

He said: “Not one second was I surprised. I think Adam first said he loved Tayah on the honeymoon, and I remember many people saying ‘wow. that’s too soon’.

“Here’s some facts. A lot of people were surprised that Adam said it first. Most men in the UK and the US say I love you first, typically.

“A lot of people are shocked by that, but the reason it happens is people typically come in one of two flavours; I’m either a casual dater or I’m in this for full on commitment.

“Adam entered this, there is no question he wants it, he needs it, so I wasn’t shocked at all.”

The Doncaster lad may not give off the vibe that he wants to settle down upon first glance, but Paul is convinced through his research that having children is Adam’s top priority.

He said: “I was working on this project for three months before [it was filmed]. Adam for example. I sat down, I talked to Adam, I talked to Adam’s parents, I talked to Adam’s friends. I know Adam at a level that the audience may never know Adam. On top of that I also know the outcomes.

“When I talked to his friends and family. The number one trait was Adam is all about family; he values family, he wants a family, this is his highest priority.”

Tayah said they were at it like rabbits on the trip


Tayah said they were at it like rabbits on the tripCredit: instagram
Married At First Sight’s Tayah reveals she and Adam are ‘at it like rabbits’


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