Inside Playboy’s Mayfair club as bunny talks sexy uniform, flirting and £20k tips

A Daily Star Page 3 girl says female guests were “way more hands on” than the men during her time as a Playboy Bunny at Hugh Hefner’s Mayfair nightspot.

Daisy, 25, has now given the inside story of what it was like working at the hedonistic club on the fourth anniversary of Hefner’s death.

She described the role as “army-like” and said it became normal seeing the likes of Anthony Joshua and Drake partying there.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Daisy said: “The brand of Playboy is quite seedy to some people but if anything it was the women who were worse than the men.

“They would be like ‘oh can I try on your ears and can I touch your tail and how do you breathe in your costume your waist is so tiny?’

“The women were more flirty and way more hands on than the men were. They weren’t being nasty, they were just pure fascinated by it all.”

Daisy opened up about her time working for Playboy

In general, Essex girl Daisy believes it is a misconception that the club is seedy.

She added: “My nan and grandad are the only ones who didn’t think it was seedy because they have actually been to parties there like Christmas and New Year.”

Daisy was working as an air hostess when she applied to be a Playboy Bunny.

She went through an “X-Factor like audition” where hundreds of girls applied but only 8% of applicants were successful.

Daisy was offered the job on her first try and said it was a proud moment being selected to wear the custom-fit iconic costume – including the tight satin corsets, bunny tails and bunny ears.

Page 3 Daisy
The blonde bombshell loved wearing the iconic Playboy costume

Daisy Page 3
Page 3 star Daisy used to juggle jobs as a Playboy bunny and air hostess

“I was so thrilled,” she remembered.

“It was just an amazing feeling and it was like being welcomed into this completely different world.

“I remember thinking I would just pop to work, put on my costume and serve some drinks but it was not like that at all.”

Daisy soon learned that the preparation involved for a shift was intense.

She worked as a Bunny host but still had to memorise the names and favourite drinks of all the wealthy clients.

Anthony Joshua
Plenty of A-listers visited the Playboy club – including boxing star Anthony Joshua

The Daily Star favourite added: “It was army-like and you have to get to work early to get ready and before you are allowed out on the floor to be in the public eye you have to go through a uniform check every time.

“There was an on-site seamstress if anything was wrong and there is a bunny image checklist too.

“If you turned up to work with chipped nail varnish you would be sent back to make sure they were fully painted before being allowed back out again.

“The bunny ears had to be in the right place and it is almost like they want you to appear like a fantasy to the men and women that come to the club.

“They don’t want you perceived as a human being. Your hair always has to cover your normal ears because you’re a rabbit.”

Daisy Playboy Bunny
Playboy bunnies had to maintain their glamorous looks while on shift

Daisy, who worked at the club for a year when she was 22, also said there were strict ground rules.

She said Bunnies were banned from swearing or flirting and they had to refuse to sit at a table if requested.

They also had to stand a certain way, with one leg out and an arm on the hip in an exaggerated model stance.

Daisy said it was almost like being a statue always ready to be photographed.

The Playboy Club, which is temporarily closed, welcomed a host of celebs and high-rolling gamblers.

And Daisy said she was often left mesmerised at some of the money that was being gambled.

Playboy casino Mayfair
The Playboy bunnies are used to seeing huge amounts of cash being gambled at the Mayfair casino

She said: “We are talking hundreds of thousands at once and they wouldn’t even bat an eyelid.

“I used to think I could buy a house with that!

“As for famous people there were always Arabian princes, thousands of them.

“Drake used to come in and he had a lot of parties there and Anthony Joshua was always a big fan too but I’m not allowed to name drop too much because of confidentiality.”

One benefit of being a Bunny was the extravagant tips – sometimes up to £20,000.

After each shift, the girls split the tips evenly.

Daisy Page 3
Daisy received thousands in tips while working at the iconic Playboy venue

Daisy said the tips would far exceed what her basic salary was.

She added: “We were very strategic with the private members.

“We would say ‘that person really likes blonde girls so you go over there babe and bring his drinks because he will tip you more’.”

Playboy magazine publisher Hefner first launched a club in 1960 in Chicago before a Park Lane venue in London opened four years later.

That capital base was closed in 1981 after its licence was revoked before the Mayfair nightclub replaced it in 2011.

And Daisy said of Hefner: “He will be remembered as a lady’s man and an iconic gent who every man aspired to be.

“Who doesn’t want to be Hugh Hefner, hated by both men and women.”

But Daisy said managers at Hefner’s haven took the welfare of the Bunnies extremely seriously.

She said: “There are cameras everywhere and mics on the table as well. The casino’s main priority is the girls being safe.

“I had one occasion where a man was getting closer and closer to me and every time I stepped back he got closer.

“A security person came over straight away and you don’t even need to ask for help, they are looking out for you all the time.

“If a client ever became argumentative their memberships would be revoked.”

Daisy Page 3
High-flying Page 3 girl Daisy, who used to be cabin crew, says “once a bunny, always a bunny!”

While working as a Bunny, Daisy continued grafting as an air hostess, and the combined hours became exhausting.

Therefore, she spent a year at the Playboy Club before calling it a day.

Reflecting on her time, Daisy said: “It was honestly such a proud period in my life.

“I look back and think gosh I really was a Playboy Bunny for one of the most iconic brands.

“Whatever that brand means to someone else, it was something I always wanted to do and I achieved it.

“I really did love it and I will look back and have kids one day and think I did that.

“Once a Bunny, always a Bunny.”


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