Inside Robbie Williams’ £6.75m Wiltshire mansion with helipad and pool as he sells up

Robbie Williams has put his £6.75m mansion in Wiltshire up for sale. Compton Bassett House boasts a helipad and a football pitch and has been described by the star as the place where he fell in love with his wife Ayda

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Inside Robbie Williams’ mansion as it goes up for sale

Robbie Williams rose to fame as part of boy band Take That and has since enjoyed a very successful solo career.

So it’s no surprise he has houses all over the world including a stunning detached home in Holland Park, London, a luxury house in Beverley Hills, as well as an incredible Alpine lodge in Switzerland.

But he has decided to dispose of one of his assets and is putting his country estate in Wiltshire up for sale.

The luxury house is listed for a cool £6.75 million, which is more than a million less than what he paid for it when he bought it more than a decade ago.

Robbie Williams bought the property more than a decade ago

Compton Bassett House is a luxury 17th century house and comes complete with a swimming pool, tennis courts and a home gym to keep fit.

It also has a luxury cinema room, a football pitch and a helicopter pad – perfect for the jet-setting buyer – as well as a quad bike track for fun weekends at home.

Robbie describes the mansion as a place where him and wife Ayda Field “truly fell in love”.

The incredible home is a luxury 17th century house in Wiltshire

“Compton Bassett House has been the perfect escape for our family,” he said.

“It is where Ayda and I truly fell in love, set roots as a couple, and dreamed of our future family.

“Since then, we have welcomed four beautiful children into the gracious rooms at Compton Bassett House, where we have shared much laughter and joy.”

It features a string of wonderful rooms including the stunning kitchen with a huge island

He went on to praise the house as family-friendly and said it was perfect for his whole brood including the couple’s four children – Theodora, nine, Charlton, six, Colette, three, and Beau, one.

“The gardens and trees have enchanted us with their magic, and on rainy days – of which there are many in England – we have played and splashed around the indoor pool, much to our delight.

“Compton Bassett House is most definitely a family-friendly house that deserves to have much more laughter and joy within its beautiful walls. We hope the incoming purchaser will enjoy just as much as we have.”

No expense has been spared on the luxury home

However, Robbie previously confessed the house “gives him the creeps” and he is convinced it is haunted.

“It gives me the creeps,” Robbie explained in a podcast.

“Teddy told me, ‘That room scares me. I don’t like that house.'”

It even has an amazing indoor pool

“I said, ‘It scares me too. You don’t have to sleep there any more,'” he continued.

“If there is great grief or great pain or tragedy, I think it can soak into the walls and leave an essence there that remains for a very, very long time.”

A source previously told The Mirror: “Robbie was in a different phase of his life when he bought Compton Bassett House.

“It seemed like an idyllic hideaway in the English countryside but he never really felt at home there.

“In a matter of months he realised it wasn’t where he and Ayda wanted to settle.

“Now he’s planning a reshuffle of his property portfolio since deciding to buy in Switzerland.

“The family moved there last summer and rented for six months to make sure they wanted to stay.”


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