Inside Salt Bae’s new restaurant with gold coated steaks that can cost £1,350

Salt Bae has caused a storm online after opening his Nusr-Et London Steakhouse with some eye-watering menu prices.

Chef Nusret Gökçe Erzurum, or more commonly known as Salt Bae, opened his first UK restaurant on September 23rd.

And ever since then, it’s his prices that have set tongues wagging online.

A picture of a food bill that amounted to a staggering £1812.40 went viral – as foodies were stunned by its £630 steak and £9 glasses of Coke.

But making the £630 steak look like a bargain, the ‘Gold Feast’ menu would eat up many people’s monthly wages with the ‘Golden Giant Striploin’ costing a whopping £1,350.

To share a sneak peak into the luxurious dining experience, fine diners have taken to social media to share some insight into the meme chef’s restaurant.

Inside the Nusr-Et London Steakhouse

TikTok user @berna_jk posted about attending the fine dining restaurant with her family.

In the viral clip, the woman panned across the busy and bustling restaurant as she waited for her extravagantly priced food.

Glistening on the table, the woman was served a gold coated burger and a gold coated steak.

To add to the service, Salt Bae himself comes to the table to offer his steak cutting skills that shot him to internet stardom.

man cutting gold steak
The ‘gold feast’ menu can cost you over £1000

Salt Bae cutting steak
Salt Bae himself serves customers in his London restaurant

However, some people were not left amazed by Salt Bae’s bank-breaking food.

They took to the comments to share jokes about the steeply priced menu.

One user commented: “I’m on Universal Credit. Can I pay instalments please?”

Another person added: “Do they accept a kidney as payment?”

A third user joked: “ I might take my family for window shopping…”

Someone else said: “Wow looks nice…I need a loan for the place.

“I’d rather take my family and kids to a local McDonald’s.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person asked : “ What can I eat in there for £5?”

And jokingly, people replied with “air” and “tap water”.

Salt Bae became an internet sensation after a viral video of him dusting salt on a steak made him a meme back in 2017.

He has now opened various restaurants around the world including London, New York and Dubai.


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