Inside the ‘haunted’ Edinburgh Vaults where visitors may encounter ‘The Watcher’

The terrifying caverns in Scottish capital Edinburgh, which date back to 1788, have a storied history including ghosts and ghouls – and visitors today may be terrified about what they find

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Edinburgh’s ‘haunted’ vaults discussed by TikTok user

As we head into a month full of frights and scares, thrill seekers can take the opportunity to explore ‘one of Edinburgh’s most haunted places’.

The Edinburgh Vaults, which date back to 1788, are located beneath the South Bridge just a two minute walk from the Royal Mile and have been the subject of a viral TikTok.

Visiting the haunted location can offer a range of different guided experiences, including ghostly late night walks and extreme paranormal tours.

The clip, which comes from TikTok user @callumfraame, was a hit on the app, gaining more than 360,000 views and about 50,000 likes.

The vaults date back to 1788 and have a storied history

In the video, some of the history and features of the vaults are explained, ranging from Burke and Hare’s rumoured use of the area to some of the ghostly experiences people have had inside the chambers.

Over time, the vaults have built up quite a reputation, with hundreds of stories of apparitions and even physical encounters with nefarious spirits such as ‘The Watcher’, who was allegedly caught on camera in 2015.

One of the vault’s more famous ghosts, ‘The Watcher’ was caught on camera in 2015

If the spooky chambers themselves don’t sound like your cup of tea, you can instead enjoy a night out at the ‘legendary’ Hive nightclub, built right into the vaults.

Viewers were clearly terrified by the clip, with one user writing: “There’s too many spooky things that have happened in Edinburgh. You won’t get me down there.”

The Hive nightclub is built into the vaults themselves

Another commenter wrote: “You can spend midnight until 6am locked in the Niddry Street Vaults. They even turn the lights off to show you how dark it really is.”

A third added: “I’ve been on one of the tours there was a little boy laughing and running down the side of the room I was in and he brushed up against me.”


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