Inside the Life of American Singer Diana Ross; Motherhood and Parenting

Popular entertainer Diana Ross has proven she can be the best in everything she does, including motherhood. Let’s meet the singer’s well-raised children who are married and established in their careers.

American Singer Diana Ross is one of the most successful singers of the rock and roll era. She is highly recognized by many and has received several accolades and awards for her incredible talent.

Besides her professional achievements, the Hollywood star has an intriguing personal and family life. Although Diana has not had the most stable romantic life, she values the friendship of the men who were her lovers and fathers to her children.

The singer is a doting mother to five children, Tracee Ellis Ross, Evan Ross, Rhonda Ross Kendrick, Chudney Ross, and Ross Naess. Out of her five children, four are happily married. Let’s meet Diana’s children and their spouses.


Diana welcomed her first child, Rhonda, with her first husband, Robert Ellis Silberstein, on August 14, 1971. Rhonda followed in her mother’s footsteps and chose a career as a singer, actress, and songwriter.

Away from the spotlight, Rhonda is happily married to her husband, Rodney Kendrick. Just like his wife, Rodney is also deeply rooted in the entertainment industry. He is a jazz pianist and has produced several albums.

Some of his works include “Last Chance of Common Sense,” “We Don’t Die, We Multiply,” “No Dress Code,” “For My Friend,” “Black Is Back,” Thank You,” and a host of others.

He has worked with stars like George Benson, Freddie Hubbard, Clark Terry, Frank Morgan, Stanley Turrentine, and J. J. Johnson. Rodney has also released an album with his wife, who he has been married to since 1996.

Rodney and Rhonda are head over heels in love with each other and love flaunting their love on social media. A day after their 24th marriage anniversary last month, Rhonda took to her Instagram page to post a tribute written for her by Rodney on their anniversary.

She shared two pictures of her and her man posing together, and in the lengthy caption written by the pianist, Rhonda was described as a magnificent woman with a heart of gold.

Rodney also said with each passing year; his wife has become his dearest treasure, more precious to him than ever before. Rodney and Rhonda are not only an amazing couple; they are also great parents to their son, Raif-Henok Emmanuel Kendrick, whom they welcomed in 2009.

The family of three love spending time with one another and make sure to share some of the fantastic moments on social media, as often seen on Rodney’s Instagram page.


Chudney Ross is Diana’s third child. She was born to the actress and Silberstein on November 4, 1975. Unlike her older siblings and mother, who love the spotlight, Chudney prefers to live a private life.

She is a TV producer and also a loving wife to her husband, Joshua Faulkner. Chudney and Faulkner met on a blind date which a mutual friend of the pair arranged.

Tracee once made it known that she and her siblings were always more important to her mother than fame.

According to a report, the father of two fell in love with the producer after he saw her picture on his Facebook feed. The lovebirds finally met for cocktails, and Chudney described Faulkner as a handsome gentleman.

One date quickly transcended into deep feelings, and in no time, the pair began their relationship. The couple dated for six years before Faulkner proposed to Chudney on her birthday.

They finally tied the knot in 2015 in Hawaii, three years after welcoming their first child, Callaway. Faulkner and Chudney are now parents of two since the arrival of their second daughter, Everlee.

In June, the couple celebrated their sixth marriage anniversary, and Faulkner marked the occasion with a lovely Instagram post. He shared a photo of him and Chudney looking excited as they share a bottle of wine with the caption:

“Happy anniversary @chudneylross I love you and looking forward to many more date nights like tonight. Love you 😍.”

Netizens also got to see how happy the family of four is, all thanks to a lovely Instagram update shared on the mother of two’s Instagram page in July.


Ross Naess is Diana’s fourth child, and he was born on October 7, 1987. He has a career as an actor and producer, and in addition to being in the spotlight, he is also a businessman.

Despite his achievements professionally, Naess does not take his family for granted. He is married to Kimberly Ryan, and the pair are doting parents to two children, Lief and Indigo.

Naess and Ryan met in Los Angeles through a mutual friend. The pair ran into each other, and Ryan ended up attending a summer get-together in her husband’s apartment.

Not long after, they hit it off, and at the end of the 2006 summer, they were already in love. Naess and Ryan dated for ten years before the producer finally popped the question.

In June 2017, the lovebirds walked down the aisle in a unique bohemian ceremony attended by the groom’s famous family. Since their marriage, Naess and Ryan have been spotted in pictures on social media.

Whether in a post to celebrate the number of years they have spent as a couple or marking memorable milestones of family members, the duo always looks elegant and leaves their fans clamoring for more.


The last of Diana’s children, Evan, was born on August 26, 1988. He is an actor, musician, and a dedicated husband to his wife Ashlee Simpson, whom he married on August 30, 2014.

Born on October 3, 1984, Ashlee is a well-known entertainer, like her husband. She is a dancer and has also made appearances in films and TV shows like “The Hot Chick,” “The Rosie O’Donnell Show,” “Malcolm in the Middle,” and “The View.”

Above all, the dancer is dedicated to sharing special moments with her family. The pair are parents to three children, Jagger, Ziggy, and Evan’s stepson, Bronx.

Pictures shared on Evan’s Instagram Feed have shown he is an amazing father to Bronx, and he celebrated the young man on his birthday. Another showcases his love for Simpson as he romantically looks into her eyes.


Diana loves her children very much, and amid her busy schedules, she always made time for them while growing up. Tracee once made it known that she and her siblings were always more important to her mother than fame.

The actress said Diana was a better parent than “Diana Ross,” noting that she grew up in her mother’s embrace, not her shadow.


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