Inside The Tragic Death Of Intervention Star Skyler Russell

According to Reality Blurred, Skyler Russell was actively using marijuana at 18 and by 23 he’d started inhaling up to 10 lines of “bath salts” a day. Drug Abuse lists bath salts as human-made new psychoactive substances and can cause severe side effects, including hallucinations and paranoia. It can also lead to increased friendliness, sex drive, and violent behavior. 

Skyler’s paranoia and hallucinations increased quickly and by the time he was 24, and his family was more than ready to see him get help by 2011. After Skyler overcame his addiction and detoxed, he was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, a “chronic mental health condition that involves symptoms of both schizophrenia and a mood disorder like major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder,” according to WebMD. Amid all of this, Tiffany Russell expressed frustration via Facebook that she somehow contributed to Skyler’s drug use due to pushing him as a kid, writing, “What a spin! So far from the truth. Skyler stopped doing acting at 15. Started drugs at 19. And since when is it ok to blame others for someones addiction?”

Despite the drama, Skyler was able to move on and started a family, welcoming a son. 

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