Inside the “Woman Looks 15 Years Younger” TikTok Craze — What to Know

A TikToker named @alezandra79 kickstarted a new trend by encouraging her fast-growing follower base to help her achieve her dream look — and make her appear 15 years younger.

Unlike other fast-rising stars in the beauty space, @alezandra79 creates short clips that exclusively build on fellow TikTokers’ feedback. What’s more, her videos chart her beauty transformation step by step, showing which pieces of advice work the best.

A TikToker named @alezandra79 is on a mission to make herself look 15 years younger.

A woman who goes by @alezandra79 on TikTok is on a mission to change her otherwise absolutely gorgeous appearance and achieve a more youthful, dewy look. She skyrocketed to fame shortly after uploading a short clip on July 26, 2021, with which she encouraged fellow TikTok users to comment on her makeup look.

“Does the eyeliner and side part age me? Please be honest, but not mean,” the TikToker captioned the video.

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The clip has been viewed by 291,800 people and counting. As for the comments? TikTokers quickly jumped on the opportunity to share constructive pieces of criticism — effectively transforming @alezandra79’s page into one of the most wholesome corners of the internet.

“Hair is fine! I would lighten up the makeup for a more youthful look! You’re gorgeous either way. [Do] whatever makes you happy!” commented @magicalcatwhiskers.

“To be honest, it’s the eyebrows that do it the most. It needs a more natural hair-like look at the front,” chimed in @smallnstupid.

“1. You are gorgeous. Some simple changes: ease up on the bottom liner, switch the gold shadow for bronze, go for a slightly more square shape at the front of the brow […]” commented @kayleymelissa.

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The TikToker returned with a new video on July 29, 2021, to update her followers on her progress.

“I tried no liner, like you all suggested, and I like it a lot. What do you think?” @alezandra79 wrote alongside the short clip.

Her first video amassed an impressive 2,180 comments (and counting). The second one performed equally well, attracting 297 comments. But @alezandra79 was just getting started.

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This woman invited fellow TikTokers to take part in her “millennial makeover” — and she immediately obtained success.

Hot off the heels of her first two videos, @alezandra79 returned to TikTok once again a few days later with a new video documenting the changes she has been making. In the comment section of the second clip, several people advised her to ditch the shimmery eyeshadow and the accentuated eyebrow-look. She was also told to give blush a chance. As her third video proves, she duly complied.

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“Trying matte eyeshadow and brown liner like you all suggested in my last post. Let me know when I look 25, otherwise I will have to continue with this series,” @alezandra79 wrote.

This time around, she shot a short clip wearing a burnt orange turtleneck and an elegant overcoat. Although she kept the pronounced brows, she went for a peachy blush and a brown eyeshadow with a slight mulberry-like undertone.

She continued to consult her followers, uploading new TikTok clips every other day or so. She shared the seventh installment of the series on Aug. 5, 2021. In it, she is rocking soapy brows and a lighter, much more flattering eyeshadow look. We can’t wait to see what she does next.

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