Inspite of Having Her Tubes Tied for Years, Woman Gave Birth at 46

A couple got the shock of their lives when they welcomed a new baby years after taking precautionary measures to prevent conception. They only discovered the pregnancy at the last minute.

Years ago, Barbara and Art, a couple in their forties, decided they were done with childbearing after welcoming two beautiful children. To solidify their decision, the 46-year-old mom opted to have her tubes tied, thereby preventing further pregnancies.

However, her contraception method was not as efficient as she thought. Several years down the line, the mom began experiencing sharp pain in her abdomen, which only worsened over time.

One day, while working in her retail store, the pain became more pronounced, forcing the woman to take time off and make her way home. As she lay on the couch, the waves of pain became more frequent.

Barbara’s daughter was in a state of panic seeing her mom in so much pain. She tended to the woman until Art arrived, all the while insisting they call an ambulance.

The woman kept refusing to go to the hospital until she tried using the bathroom and discovered blood in her pants. That was when she realized the pain was not something she could sit out.

The concerned husband drove Barbara to the hospital, where she was quickly wheeled into a ward in a wheelchair. A nurse checked Barbara’s vital signs before leaving the couple alone to await their turn.

As the pain intensified, Art rushed out to summon the doctors, still unaware of what was plaguing his wife. Barbara recalled:

“Suddenly, I felt a tremendous amount of pressure between my legs and in my pelvic area. The pressure was so bad that I truly thought at that point I was dead.”

Reacting to the unbearable pressure, Barbara undid her pants and got on all fours, knowing something was coming out of her. At first, she felt it was a tumor being dislodged, but the moment she heard a baby’s cries, she figured out what was happening. She shared:

“I wasn’t dying. I was just going to be a mother again. I was 46 years old. That was shocking.”

Art ventured back into the room in time to grab the baby as he wriggled out, preventing him from falling off the examination table. Barbara could have sworn her chin hit the floor as shock overwhelmed her.

The doctors flooded the room instantly and took up the delivery process from there while a nurse went off with the child. For two hours, Barbara and Art sat in silence, concerned for the health of their child, who underwent no prenatal care throughout her undiscovered pregnancy.

They only breathed their relief when the nurse returned with the child, informing the new parents their son was in perfect health.

Despite not wanting another child, the parents fell in love with their newborn instantly. At that moment, Barbara resolved to become the best mom to her son.


Barbara’s situation, although rare, is not unheard of. Gynecologist Melissa Gryer explained that one in 300 women become pregnant years after sterilization. She explained:

“When the tubes are tied, the fallopian tubes are disconnected and over time they can heal back together and form a new tube.”

That explains Barbara’s conception and the unexpected birth of her third child, who the parents have named Hunter, “because he snuck up on them.”


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