Instagram influencer ‘banned’ from Disney World after entering restricted area

An Instagram creator has allegedly been banned from Disney World for six months after he chose to enter a restricted area around Cinderella Castle.

In scenes that certainly take the mickey, the individual can be seen walking along the castle balcony, arms out wide, before walking back down the steps at the side. A cast member can then be seen calling at him to come down.

“Someone’s in trouble,” wrote Princess Shannon, a Disney creator who shared a video of the incident to TikTok on Thursday.

Shannon later released a follow-up video detailing what happened, in which she said that they saw the individual near the gate leading up to the castle.

“A cast member was telling him not to go up there, but then I guess he just did it anyway. He got all the way up there, started doing his little princess wave, and then the cast member had to go find another cast member because he didn’t have a radio.

“So then a lady cast member came over who had a radio and started calling security on him, so he got a little scared and started walking down.

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“Once he got down, then he kind of walked past the cast member and then just started going about his day again – but we don’t know what happened after that,” she said.

One user commented: “Lol this is Disney, they definitely tracked him down.”

“I saw him when I was walking out of the park Wednesday night and he had like 3-5 security people around him and was talking to one,” said another.

A third joked: “Disney security writing up his lifetime ban as they watch this.”

The Instagrammer was identified by one commenter as Nico Vacca, whose latest post shows him at the theme park.

Vacca replied to one user in the comments: “Not a fine, but in the next six months if I go and they ask me to leave but I don’t, they can detain me.”

Indy100 has reached out to both Vacca and Disney World for comment. Translation support provided by Maria Victoria la Terza.


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