Instagram Live Shocker: Brazilian Twin Sisters Executed Online By Drug Gang

Just when we thought we had heard and seen it all, things in the world just get more and more messed up! Just recently, a set of Brazilian twins, Amalia and Amanda Alves, were executed on an Instagram Live feed.

The women apparently had too much knowledge of a drug deal and those involved were not happy with this. The 18-year old twins were seen on the Live feed and those watching were terrified of what was happening. This is a bizarre and disturbing type of justice and it is tragic that it had to be held online for all to see.

Instagram Live Shocker: The Tragic Events

When these Alves twins were executed, they were told to kneel on the ground, and then they were shot in the back of the head. Their bodies were later found by authorities by the side of the road near a housing complex.

Their bodies were found in Pacajus, Ceara and it was merely a few hours after their tragic deaths. There were more than a thousand people who have watched the video of them being executed and some continue to watch it over and over again.

There has been some justice served since the murders took place. The authorities arrested a 17-year-old man named Mateus Abreu and they think that he is the one who is shooting the twins in the video. He has been in trouble with the law before and it appears that he shot one sister twice and the other at least four times.

The women both have children and it saddens their community that this kind of crime is happening right underneath their noses and on social media. Amalia has a 6-month-old son and Amanda has a 3-year-old daughter.

There had been a lot of rumors that the women did know about the drug deal, but their friends and family said that this was something that they would never be involved in because of their love for their children.

This is incredibly tragic and terrifying. The world of social media is nowhere to share executions, but for those involved, the authorities are still checking the videos for anyone else that was involved in the murders of these two young women.

Our hearts are with their families and loved ones and we do hope that the Brazilian authorities can find justice for them both. Perhaps broadcasting it live was just one way for the executioners to tell on themselves.

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