Instagram star shares candid lingerie snaps to show influencers aren’t ‘perfect’

Georgie Clarke is on a mission of body positivity.

She wants women to stop holding themselves to beauty standards they see on Instagram.

So instead of posting perfectly airbrushed snaps like some other social media stars, the former reality TV star likes to keep it real.

Georgie, from London, posted lingerie photos from multiple different angles.

Instead of sucking in her tummy and posing up a storm, Georgie bared her natural skin and folds in her body.

She captioned the images: “Just a reminder for you… here are the photos you don’t see on here. For every photo you see posted on Instagram…. there’s so many a other snippets you didn’t get to see.”

Georgie posted candid lingerie photos to highlight natural beauty

Georgie continued: “Just because someone’s posted a hot photo looking incredible, it doesn’t mean their body doesn’t do normal things when they aren’t posed for a photo.

“So many things can change how we appear in front of a camera.

“The top 3 are: lighting, angles, pose.

“And trust me when I tell you that as an influencer, you become a pro at nailing these three aspects when shooting content.

“It becomes second nature to work out these three elements before you’ve even taken one shot.”

Georgie Clarke
Georgie often posts posed and unposed pictures on Instagram

Georgie Clarke
The influencer wants people to know it’s impossible to look perfect 100% of the time

Georgie added: “So when you see those photos, don’t think for one second that that is how the influencer looks 24/7.

“Her body looks like the pictures on the right when she isn’t ‘ready for the camera’ she has all the normal things that you have too.

“The only difference is, she’s not showing them on here – she’s hiding them.

“So please do not let that be a reflection of how you feel about yourself.

“You simply cannot compare yourself to a page of influencer highlights. She’s only posting the amazing 10/10 shots!

“You body is normal and beautiful and shouldn’t be compared.

“When that negative talk creeps in – remember this post. Your body is worthy of love and compassion.”

Georgie Clarke
Georgie urges her followers to treat their bodies with “love and compassion”

The inspiring post garnered 32,000 likes and dozens of positive comments.

One responder wrote: “Thanks for keeping it real.”

Another said: “I love your real, raw and honest posts. Thank you for sharing an normalising our bodies and imperfections.”

A third commented: “I just love you and your posts. So real.”

And a fourth added: “I needed this today.”

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