Intelligent Chimpanzee washes clothes with soap and brush-like humans; watch video

We all know that chimpanzees are one of the intelligent animals on planet earth. Besides their similarity to humans, chimpanzees are also known for copying human behaviour, and this video will surprise you for sure. Yes, a viral video shows a chimpanzee hand-washing clothes precisely like humans! 

It looks like the video has been recorded in a zoo, showing the chimpanzee washing clothes like a pro and in ‘desi style’. The animal utilises soap first on a yellow T-shirt and then rubs it with its hand. Finally, uses a brush and rubs it firmly on the material to remove all the dirt. This video was posted on Instagram by the user identified as Sachin Sharma.

There is no information about when and where this incident took place. After being shared online, the video has accumulated over 3264 likes. Social media users enjoyed the hilarious video and shared their opinions in the comments section. Take a look.


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Two years ago, a similar video of a monkey soaking some clothes in a tub and twisting and tossing them on the roof of a shed went viral on Twitter.

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