Interiors that may make your home look outdated – from marble to grey walls

It’s hard enough keeping up with the latest fashion as trends fade and are always changing.

And contrary to popular belief, keeping up with interior design crazes is equally as tricky.

Millennial fashion has come under scrutiny and been heavily criticised by generation z, who call the style “cheugy”. Cheugy is a term coined to describe something that’s basic and opposite of trendy.

If you thought marble décor was a timeless classic then sorry to disappoint.

According to research from British Tap Warehouse, the top unfashionable items included grey walls, phrase decorations and marble.

Other ‘cheugy’ items in the list included geometric print walls and mirrored furniture.

Apparently, grey walls are a no-no

Interior expert at British Tap, Dom-Lee Bell says “You may be surprised to discover that seemingly on-trend interiors are in fact cheugy in the eyes of generation z”

Other items branded dated by youngsters include:

  • grey walls
  • macrame
  • tribal prints
  • chevron
  • neutral marble
  • pampas grass
  • farmhouse décor

Apparently, neutral marble is no longer trendy

Dom-Lee Bell added: “However, ultimately gen z style is about not trying too hard and having fun with your décor.

“Less about having a faultless Instagram ready home.

“And, the most important aspect of all; decorating with your own sense of style.”

For example, stay away from mainstream signs like ‘home sweet home’ ‘live laugh love’ and ‘gin o’clock’.

It’s seen as much more impressive to fill your walls with unique art instead.

If you still want to incorporate grey into your home opt for warmer hues instead.

Greige is the new black. That’s simply beige mixed with grey. It’s a much nicer addition.

Mirrors can get stuffy real quick.

They should be incorporated into the home as decorative pieces instead.

And there you have it, how to decorate your home the trendy way!


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