Internet trolls Drake for Damien Hirst album art

Twitter has feelings about how bad Drake’s new suspected album cover art is. 

On Monday, Drake announced his new album “Certified Lover Boy” will drop Sept. 3 in an Instagram post with its suspected album cover by British contemporary artist Damien Hirst. Many fans are hoping the alleged album art is only a teaser, though, as Hirst’s grid of 12 multiracial pregnant woman emojis in varyingly colored T-shirts is proving less than inspirational.

“You paid Damien Hirst to put 12 pregnant emoji women as your album cover?” one disappointed viewer asked of the Canadian rapper. 

“Drake apparently commissioned Damien Hirst for this abomination,” commented another. 

Others tried to give the 34-year-old songwriter the benefit of the doubt and attempt to read deeper meaning into the minimalist digital artwork. 

“Drake is dropping Certified Lover Boy, an album about love (baby making) 9 months after the expected release date, (9 months is a full-term pregnancy), on LABOR day weekend. (labor as in giving birth) which is why there are pregnant emojis on the cover,” one viral theory posited

Android users, meanwhile, jokingly wondered if the album art will appear differently for them

Many fans are disappointed by the art in Drake’s album teaser post.

Lil Nas X used the controversy as an opportunity to troll Drake, posting a teaser for his album “Montero” featuring a grid pregnant man emojis as the album art. The NBA also hopped aboard the Drake trolling wagon, as did Trevor Noah and “The Daily Show.”

While Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have not directly mocked the art, their fans have done so on their behalf

Art publication Hyperallergic called the artwork a “deludedly self-referential tribute to Hirst’s career” that simultaneously says “next to nothing about Drake’s music or his long-anticipated album.”

Music news site The Fader called the art “hilarious” and “r​​idiculous, but also very Drake.” 

Both Damien Hirst and Drake are receiving flack and widespread trolling for the “art.”
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