Iowa Park community comes together for 5th Annual Chow Down


IOWA PARK (KFDX/KJTL) — Iowa Park city officials and residents there celebrated tonight’s homecoming with food and fellowship Friday before the Iowa Park Homecoming parade with its 5th Annual Community Chow Down.

Iowa Park City Manager Jerry Fleming, along with several volunteers, were busy slinging hamburgers and hotdogs for people going through their drive-thru and all free of charge.

Fleming says the volunteers helping with the event speak volumes about the Iowa Park community.

“We have a lot of community oriented people in this town and we like to serve people and so we serve each other. Just about everyone in this town has been on the service side at one point or another and something they get to be on the receiving side so we do both sides of the aisle,” Fleming said.

Although the food was free, donations were collected and will be put towards the lighthouse project.

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