Iowa Park police arrest woman after leaves suspected drug house
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Iowa Park police arrest woman after leaves suspected drug house


IOWA PARK (KFDX/KJTL) — A 36-year-old Iowa Park woman with a long arrest and conviction record is back in jail after a traffic stop by Iowa Park police and reported discovery of a large amount of drugs and cash.

According to an affidavit, police say the car she was driving had been seen earlier Sunday evening parked at a house on West Emerald known for drug trafficking. The Mazda was stopped later on Yosemite for a defective brake light, and the driver was identified as Rona Taylor.

Wichita County Jail booking

Officers say because of her nervous actions and questions, and a history of fleeing from police, they asked permission to search the car, and she refused.

Officers called in a K9 officer and say the dog alerted to narcotics in the car.

They say they found a large amount of what tested to be meth in the floorboard and on the console, totaling 17 grams. They say they also found multiple syringes, baggies and a scale, and more than $3,400 cash in various denominations.

During book-in, officers say a strip search uncovered a glass pipe, and a search of a black bag uncovered cocaine.

Court records show Taylor has 8 criminal cases pending.

Her last arrest on record was last April when a DPS trooper says she and another woman tried to flee in a car and on foot in the east side of Wichita Falls.

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