iPhone 13 Pro Max launch LIVE

THE iPhone 13 Pro Max will be going on sale around the world over the coming hours.

Apple’s most expensive ever mobile – described by The Sun as mind-blowing – will hit shops around the world over the coming 24 hours.

The first customers will be picking up their iPhone 13 Pro Max in Sydney around 7am local time (10pm tonight UK time), before it goes on sale in Asia and the Middle East.

UK fans will no doubt be queuing overnight for the chance to be among the first through the doors to bag the gadget when it goes on sale here at 7am.

And five hours later the first American customers will be able to grab an iPhone, although Californians won’t get theirs until 7am Pacific time (3pm tomorrow afternoon in UK time).

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  • Top screen

    The Mini, for The Sun’s Tech Editor Sean Keach, is too small.

    But I’m a fan of the gargantuan 6.7-inch Pro Max, so that’s no surprise. For loads of people, the Mini will be the perfect fit.

    Both devices use Apple’s better-than-your-TV Super Retina HDR OLED screen.

    It’s extremely colour accurate, and now 28% brighter – up to 800 nits, or 1,200 nits for HDR content.

  • What models are there?

    There are four new iPhones this year: two regular models and two Pro versions.

    When it comes to value for money, you’ll want the iPhone 13 Mini or iPhone 13.

    They start at $699/£679 and $799/$779 respectively – and that’s a £20 price cut versus last year for Brits.

    Both models are largely identical, so really you’re choosing screen size: 6.1 inches or 5.4 inches.


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