Ireland Baldwin Explains Her Controversial Kendall Jenner Tattoo

That is the question on everyone’s mind currently.

If you’re not familiar with what we are talking about, let The Blast explain.

Ireland Baldwin, the daughter of Hollywood actors Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, has apparently gotten a MASSIVE tattoo of Kendall Jenner on her arm, or at least that’s what her followers think.

The budding actress debuted her new ink on August 15 with a picture on her Instagram.

The naked pin-up girl on Ireland’s arm is a spitting image of Kendall Jenner, and many of her fans thought it WAS in fact the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star.

She captioned her photo, “Thank you @parkermidnight for bringing her to life.”

Her father, Alec, defiantly commented “No!”

Others commented things like, “Who else thought this was Kendall Jenner?” “Why Kendall Jenner though” and “Why would you paint an image of another woman’s beauty on your own beautiful body?”

Ireland Baldwin / Instagram

She replied, “Because I can and I want to.”

Ireland decided to set the record straight given the copious comments about the tattoo being an image of Kendall.

“My tattoo isn’t Kendall Jenner,” the model replied in an Instagram story. “She’s beautiful tho so I’ll take it… But it’s actually an illustration that was done in the ’60s.”

Ireland also added in another post, “Also, I love my tattoos and I’m going to keep getting them because it’s my body, life’s short, and it’s none of your business.”

Not your business.

Ireland Baldwin
Ireland Baldwin / Instagram

In yet another slide she wrote, “Also… you thought I was trying to look a certain way for YOU? 🥴. Wait wait wait… you thought I was going to stop getting tattoos because Bilbo Baggins over in my comments doesn’t think I’m hot anymore?”

She then apologized to Bilbo Baggins for the insult.

It’s okay, he’s going on an adventure.


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