Is Aaron Rodgers in the Mix to Be the New Host?

Jeopardy! is looking for a new host once again as Mike Richards has stepped down from the role. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers guest-hosted the game show earlier this year, so could he be in the running to land the job? Adam Schein of asked Rodgers on Sirius XM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio if he would have taken the Jeopardy! hosting gig. Rodgers said yes and added they would have worked around his schedule since he’s busy during the fall.

“Yeah, I definitely would’ve,” Rodgers told Schein. “I mean, if they would have figured out a way to make it work with my schedule, yeah, for sure.” Rodgers was a guest host on Jeopardy! in April and was ready to do it full-time. He was one of the many guest hosts on the show since long-time host Alex Trebek died last year.

“That was so much fun. That was just so much fun,” Rodgers said of his guest-host stint. “I spent a lot of time studying and getting ready for it. I definitely wanted it, was interested in finding a way to make it work with my schedule and their schedule and filming. But I had such a blast. I have zero regrets with how it all went. It was such a special environment. It was surreal to be on that stage.

“When you’re just a super Jeopardy! fan like I am, it’s just so special to be on that stage, to be in that environment when you know you’re walking in the footsteps of legends. When we walk out the tunnel in Lambeau, we have these bricks that were from the old stadium and there’s a little plaque there that talks about the type of legends that walked over these bricks. Every now and then, you’ve got to look over at it and pinch yourself and just realize how special it is what you’re doing right now and how many greats have been in that position right here.”

Richards was named the host on Aug. 11. But the decision drew anger from the fans as it was reported that Richards was the center of allegations of discrimination when was working on The Price is Right. Richards is an executive producer on Jeopardy! and will keep that position going forward.


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