Is AEW ‘Rampage’ Filmed Live?

Professional wrestling hasn’t been this exciting in a very, very long time. For decades, the WWE has been ruling the roost when it comes to Sports Entertainment. Of course, to many enthusiasts, there’s plenty of talent in other promotions that aren’t as well-known, but for the longest time, the WWE was the biggest name in the business once they were able to buy WCW out.

But since the arrival of AEW in January of 2019, the pro-wrestling landscape has changed significantly. And now, the organization’s launched a second weekly show: Rampage. But is it live?

Is AEW ‘Rampage’ filmed live?

One of the most exciting aspects of professional wrestling isn’t just the amazing promos that are cut from larger-than-life-personalities who are describing clearly just how they’re going to lay the smackdown on their opposition. Nor is it the insane feats of athletics and acrobatics that take place night in, night out. These are parts of the magic of pro-wrestling (along with amazing ringside announcers) but the fact that they’re generally experienced live is what makes them so appealing.

Huge crowds, along the fact that anything could happen at any given moment during this brawny, live soap opera is a big reason as to why professional wrestling can hit certain emotional cues that other entertainment mediums can’t replicate — whether fans know it or not.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, however, a lot of that “live” magic couldn’t be created.

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Source: AEW

Sure, there were shows where athletes competed to empty crowds and barren arenas, but some of the spectacles were still live, and it was evident that organizations like AEW and the WWE were making the most out of a less-than-ideal situation.

But with many social distancing and mass gathering bans lifted, live wrasslin’ is back in business, and AEW Rampage has so far seemingly split the difference between live and taped showings.

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Some viewers reported that the series felt like it was taped at times. And they would be right because while Rampage‘s first two shows were indeed broadcast live, there was at least one airing of Rampage that took place toward the end of August that was actually taped after a Dynamite show and was then later provided to TNT/TBS.

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It could be that the gold, yellow, and white brand may pull double duty at some of its live shows in order to record Rampage after Dynamite shows. After all, Dynamite is the organization’s bread and butter: It goes head-to-head against NXT on WWE. Rampage airs on the same night as WWE’s Smackdown! but comes on right after Vince McMahon’s IP is done airing.

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