Is Cyber Security in demand?

Cybersecurity is an area that matures and evolves. Since all companies and corporations have an online presence now, Cybersecurity has become a significant buzzword. Cybersecurity has drawn considerable attention, from series and film portrayals to job openings, crash courses, and education courses.

As we all know, in the 21st century, the technology industry made immense strides with advances that brought the world to our fingertips. While it undeniably facilitated our lives, it also opened up a world of opportunities for suspects. It is where Cybersecurity comes in.

Cybersecurity can be described as online data protection, and it is a very vague description of a vast concept that requires techniques and procedures that are very difficult to master.

The fascinating part is that the cyber industry welcomes you with open arms for an individual who can master the technology and software or has even a moderate understanding of using the technique.

Data breaches, leaks, and cybercrime, which can affect organizations across industries, are more likely along with the pandemic. The need for trained cybersecurity professionals is extreme as with every day, and new attacks are being conceited that is harmer than the previous ones.

These growing risks need skilled cybersecurity professionals to ensure the security of individuals and organizations. This explosion in demand, combined with a shortage of talent supply, led to high salaries and extraordinary advantages to eligible applicants. It makes the world of Cybersecurity an exciting place for people to carve vibrant and healthy occupations.

Security specialists are much needed in all businesses and sectors regardless of the company’s size and scope. The need for defenders is growing generously, with organizations fighting an on-going war with cyber attackers. Cybercrimes will destroy 6 trillion dollars in global property annually by 2021. Although high-demand jobs in Cybersecurity remain unimpaired for the third year in a row and affect 74% of businesses, in this scenario, the demand for cybersecurity professionals would be the same for the next several years.

A recent study analyzed cybersecurity professionals’ demands and outlined the realities of the profile. With the rapid rise of job postings over 94% in just seven years, cybersecurity standards are significantly increased.

Importance of Cyber Security

In the world where we live, all our finances, social position, and even government infrastructure are linked like mesh. Thus, Cybersecurity is a necessity by default. Cybersecurity includes all aspects, from protecting our identities and intellectual property details to intentional harm and theft efforts. 

There are growing threats, in particular as the world relies increasingly on cloud services and global connectivity. Breaches of cyber-attacks are also on the rise, putting you and your organizations at the risk of being affected in areas including economic loss, reputational loss, and regulatory costs.

Need for secure digital environment rises 

Currently, the rise of the “networked’ economy has contributed to massive growth in cybercrime, which is also a cause for concern for both public and private organizations. The average data breach may cost a business $3.86 million, according to the 2018 IBM and Ponemon Institute report, and the vast breach could cost a massive 350 million dollars.

Therefore, it is no wonder that businesses are ready to pay millions to cybersecurity experts to maintain their IT infrastructure protected from malicious assaults. However, demand and supply vary widely. Indeed one of the most significant issues today is the need for qualified security experts.

“The (ISC)2 study estimates a shortfall of nearly three million cyber-security professionals worldwide. At approximately 2.15 million, APAC is experiencing most shortages, partly because of its increasing economies and the latest regulations on cyber-security and data privacy legislation across the country.”

When stated about India, NASSCOM predicts that by 2020 India will need more than one million trained cybersecurity personnel. However, it is not shocking that cybersecurity experts in India are in immense need.

As digital India initiatives have been marginalized and introduced, there have been significant strides to digitization, adding a growing exposure to cyber-attacks. Another factor is the increasing demand for cybersecurity experts in compliance with general data protection regulations initiated at the end of the last year.

Several top universities have launched basic cyber-security training and cyber-security certification to help bridge this gap between demand and supply for students and practitioners with the expertise and knowledge required in this area.

Until today, there has been no formal education in the region as most cybersecurity experts from various fields around the world have been auto-learned. But with rapid technological development and the changing nature of cyber-crime, a training course on Cybersecurity will help educate students so that they can fight today’s qualified cybercriminals! Currently, aspirants can also take cybersecurity courses from well-known national and foreign universities online.

Rising demand for Cybersecurity

As technology is digitally linked, Cybersecurity will continue to evolve. Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud computing both would have a significant influence on the development of security risks. That means that the skills required to address these challenges would increase.

Cybersecurity is an unrivaled opportunity for students and professionals interested and eager to pursue their careers in software and technology, work in a competitive environment, and be paid a reasonable price.

The annual salary for cybersecurity heads varies from 2 Cr to 4 Cr per year, according to KPMG. The sector also records 68 percent satisfaction, which would be the most mentally and financially promising career for aspirants.

Of course, the proper training will make your resume more attractive to prospective employers, and the first step to start the career of your dreams might be to apply for a cybersecurity course.

Final thoughts to share

Join certification and programs for certificates. A total of 59% of all cybersecurity posts needs at least one industry-recognized certification, but the IT industry average for advertised IT posts is just 20%. It opens the door for new hires who can develop tangible skills and gain verifiable cybersecurity certification at an accelerated rate. Certificates like Security+ entry levels and advanced CISSP can be used to validate skills. And new credentials are being designed.


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