Is David Dobrik balding? YouTuber reveals horror at hair decline

YouTuber David Dobrik joked in an Instagram story that he was going bald as he got his haircut outside his mansion. Despite friends insisting he wasn’t, Dobrik still believed he was.

The video was posted to Dobrik’s 12.9 million followers on August 18. In the video, Dobrik asks “am I actually not balding?” and asked a friend to “tell me the truth.”

In response, a female friend offscreen says “no you’re not balding” at which point Dobrik pulls back his hair to reveal patches where his hair is thin.

While his friend off-camera still insists he’s not balding, Dobrik insists “that’s balding. Yes, it is.” He then flips the camera and asks a friend, Ilya Fedorovich, sitting opposite to pull their hair backward to which Dobrik says “you’re good.”

Dobrik, who has been an active YouTuber since 2015, is known for his long hair as part of his look. However, this isn’t the first time it seems Dobrik has addressed his potentially balding.

In old vlogs of Dobrik’s, he’s said “I think I’m balding. Come have a look” and points out how thin his hair feels.

Instagram: David Dobrik

Dobrik is known for his signature hairstyle and regularly hangs out with celebrities like Addison Rae and Leonardo Di Caprio.

However, this is also not the first time people have looked at Dobrik’s hair in detail. Back in 2020, YouTuber hairstylist Alex Costa started a series rating YouTuber’s hairstyles and asked the question about whether or not Dobrik was balding in one episode.

Costa noted Dobrik’s use of hats and believed he wore hats in “about 90% of his videos.” His advice to Dobrik if he was losing his hair was to “ditch the hat” and make the most of his hair while he has it.

Things have certainly not been quiet with Dobrik lately. His beef with former friend Trisha Paytas continues with Paytas labeling Dobrik as showing “sh***y behavior” on August 13. Dobrik was also allegedly stopped by police after racing a car against a giant toilet for a recent video.

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