Is Duggar Cousin Amy King Violating Her Son Daxton’s Privacy?

Duggar cousin Amy King can’t seem to make up her mind about her son Daxton’s privacy. Amy shares lots of photos of her toddler on social media, and it recently seemed like she was going to be pickier about what she decided to post. But now, she seems to going back on that decision and is still posting like she normally did before. So, what’s going on with her posts and her son’s privacy?

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Duggar cousin Amy King speaks out against Josh.

As we’ve reported, Amy has been very outspoken about the arrest of her cousin Josh Duggar. Fans will recall that Josh was arrested by the feds a few months ago. The former TLC star allegedly had child pornography on his computer at work, though he claims he’s not guilty. He’s going to trial on November 30.

Since Josh was arrested, Amy has been speaking out against him. She’s urged his wife Anna Duggar to pack her bags and leave him. She also recently revealed that she is being more cautious about the pictures she posts on social media. In one post, Daxton is shirtless, but Amy covered his chest with a sticker.

In that post, she wrote:

“I posted the unedited version, and then I thought to myself ‘is that too much skin? He’s just shirtless.’ 🤔 and then I thought you never know who is seeing this picture and what they are thinking and now I’m going to be extra careful and protect him! I encourage all parents to be very careful on what we post from now on. I now have a new set of eyes and I’m more of aware of how someone can use anything for evil. It’s the sad truth, but something worth sharing for sure.”

Due to the timing of the post, it looked like she was inspired to post this in response to Josh’s alleged crimes.

Amy King Instagram

How does Amy decide what to post?

Duggar fans have been trying to figure out how Amy decides what’s okay to post and what’s not. As we reported a few days ago, Amy has been going back and forth between censoring photos of Daxton’s chest and posting unedited photos of him. It doesn’t look like there’s any explanation for why she chooses to censor certain pictures but not others.

In a new post, Amy shared another snap of Daxton without a shirt on. Sure enough, she didn’t censor that photo either. It’s unclear what’s going on with her decision to censor some photos and not others. Based on her first post where she mentioned that many people could be looking at these photos of her son, it seemed like she was pretty concerned and serious.

Amy King Instagram

So, do you think Duggar cousin Amy King is violating Daxton’s privacy? Or do you think she’s making the right choice for her toddler son? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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