Is ‘Evil’ Season 2 Coming To Netflix? Here’s What We Know

Back in October 2020, Netflix acquired the license to the paranormal detective series Evil from CBS. Since then the series has moved to Paramount+ which has released Season 2. To make matters even more interesting, Evil has since been renewed for a third season. Will the second season be coming to Netflix? Here is what we know so far.

Evil on Netflix

The paranormal detective series Evil was created by Michelle and Robert King, the minds behind The Good Wife. The TV series follows a group of alternatively qualified detectives who investigate paranormal events and crimes. Evil stars Mike Colter, along with Katja Herbers, Brooklyn Shuck, Aasif Mandvi and Skylar Gray.

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The synopsis tells us that psychologist Kristen Bouchard reluctantly works together with David Acosta, a priest in training. The pair teams up to investigate and find a logical explanation for every supernatural occurrence within the Church.

CBS aired Evil in September 2019 and Season 1 of the series dropped on Netflix US on October 1, 2020. In fact, the US was the only region licensed to stream the show. The show did well on Netflix and peaked at position number 4 on the TV charts on October 6, 2020.

Why did CBS give the streaming channel the rights?

CBS rarely licenses its shows away from its own CBS All Access (now Paramount+) platform. However, that did change this time, with Netflix acquiring both Evil and the series The Unicorn. As reported by Deadline when the series first dropped on Netflix, the deal was a single-year license, basically meaning it only covered Season 1. The report stated that CBS TV studios saw the Netflix licensing deal as a promotional tool. Basically, if fans had seen that report at the time it was released, they wouldn’t be so disappointed now.

As noted by Decider, when Season 2 arrived, CBS moved it to Paramount+, where it has already been renewed for Season 3. This fact could give readers a strong hint as to what will happen with Season 2 on Netflix, let alone Season 3.

Will Season 2 of Evil drop on Netflix?

As Season 2 of Evil has already dropped as a Paramount+ exclusive, this means there is no way it is coming to Netflix. In fact, instead of Netflix getting Season 2, the streaming channel has confirmed it will lose Season 1 of Evil on October 1, 2021.

Basically, fans of the paranormal who have yet to watch Season 1 of Evil will have slightly over a month to watch it on Netflix. However, once hooked on the exciting series, they will regrettably need Paramount+ to be able to watch more. Of course, they will also need a Paramount+ account to be able to stream the upcoming third season.

For those who have watched Season 1 of Evil on the streaming channel, are you disappointed that Netflix will not release the second season? Let us know by dropping a note in the comments section below.

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