Is It True That Justin Bieber Has Sent A Secret Message To QAnon At VMAs?

Did Justin Bieber use his acceptance speech at the VMAs to send a secret message to QAnon? According to some believers of the far-right conspiracy theory, that’s exactly what happened at the 2021 VMA ceremony. So what’s really going on between Justin Bieber and QAnon?

What Is QAnon?

The QAnon conspiracy theory began in October 2017 and has since gathered in millions of people believing its ideas. The conspiracy theory basically alleges that Satanic, cannibalistic pedophiles operate a global child sex trafficking system. Additionally, QAnoners believe this group of people conspired against Donald Trump during his term in office. In fact, Trump is at the core of many of the group’s bizarre theories and beliefs.

One of QAnon’s primary theories is that Donald Trump is an American hero who is here to save the world from the demented sex offenders. Apparently, when Trump claimed he would “drain the swamp,” QAnoners took it as evidence he was referring to the evil pedophiles who run the world. The group also assumes that every member of the Democratic party, including Barack Obama and Joe Biden, are significant players in the conspiracy against America and Trump.

‘Proof’ Of Justin Bieber Supporting QAnon

After Justin Bieber won the MTV Video Music Award for Artist of the Year, the Candian pop star did something almost every winner does; he gave an acceptance speech. But shortly after the VMAs, QAnoners alleged Bieber used his acceptance speech to give a secret nod to former President Donald Trump. According to QAnoners, when Bieber used the common phrase “the best is yet to come,” it was evidence he was in alliance with Trump.

“I just wanted to say that music is such an amazing opportunity and outlet to be able to reach people. I look around here, and I see so many beautiful faces,” Bieber, who was visibly moved, remarked during his speech. Shortly after, the singer said, “I really do believe that the best is yet to come.”

While Trump was running for president in 2020, he also used the phrase a few times. For example, Trump is quoted saying the exact phrase during the 2020 State of the Union address, while accepting the Republication nomination, and during his farewell speech after his loss. To QAnoners, the fact that Bieber and Trump uttered the same exact phrase is evidence the two are in alliance.

Is Any Of This True?

The QAnon conspiracy theories are just that; theories. In the past, the group has made loose connections with circumstantial evidence to try and prove its ideas correct. But let’s just think logically for a second. What reason would Justin Bieber have to be connected to this group? No part of this story seems to contain any truth.


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