Is Itziar Ituño Married? What Is Itziar Ituño Husband’s Name?

If you have watched the Spanish television series Money Heist then you probably know about actress Itziar Ituño who featured in the series and stole the heart of the criminal mastermind ” El Profesor” Apart from watching her romantic relationship in the series which took several twists and turns and also kept fans in suspense, what else do we know about Itziar?

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Is she in a flourishing relationship similar to that of her character or her personal life is contrary to how she is portrayed in the movie? Itziar is amongst celebrities who have made a choice to keep their personal life mysterious.   Although her career requires her to be in the limelight all the time,  she makes sure to maintain a  lowkey profile outside of her profession.  She loves to hike with her dog and often shares beautiful pictures with her friends and family members.

There were rumors back in 2017 that the actress got married to her husband named Juan Fernandez. Surprisingly,  there’s no evidence to prove the validity of such rumors that the actress is a married woman. However, we believe that Itziar is a very attractive woman whom many men shall go to war for and we are very supportive of her personal decisions as long as it makes her happy.



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