Is Jinger Vuolo Cutting Ties With The Duggar Family?

Jinger Vuolo might be following in Jill Dillard‘s footsteps and separating herself from the rest of the Duggar family. Counting On fans will recall that Jill and her husband Derick left the show due to control issues. Jill also came out and said that her father, Jim Bob Duggar, was receiving $25,000 to $45,000 per episode, while she wasn’t being compensated for her time on the show.

Over the years, Jill and her parents have appeared to drift apart. The Duggar daughter has changed how she lives her life and has ditched many of her parents’ strict rules. She proudly wears pants, swimwear, and tank tops, has her nose pierced, uses birth control, and sent her son Israel to public school. 

Jill has been open about seeing her parents less often than she did before. She also said she set boundaries, so they aren’t always invited to events.

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Now, it looks like Jill might not be alone in separating herself from the rest of the family.

Jinger Vuolo splitting from the Duggars?

A source recently revealed to People that the Duggar family is divided over Josh’s current child pornography scandal. But Jinger may be slowly separating herself from the rest of the family, and she might have begun that journey years ago.

Fans will recall that when Jeremy and Jinger tied the knot, they moved to Laredo, Texas, while the rest of the family resides in Arkansas. Then, a couple of years into their marriage, they moved to Los Angeles, California.

Since their move to L.A., Jinger has been branching out and finding who she is. The Duggar daughter has changed her style. She and Jeremy are often out and about shopping and trying new restaurants and coffee shops, while the Duggar family was big on saving money.

Jinger and Jeremy are raising their kids differently than Jim Bob and Michelle raised her. A source revealed to The Sun, “They are bringing their children up differently to how Jinger was brought up, their parenting style is much more relaxed, and it’s likely their daughters will be even more open-minded.”

While the Duggar family visits the Vuolos on occasion, they don’t appear to spend very much time together. This could be due to the Covid situation or because of the physical distance from Arkansas to California.

So, do you think Jinger Vuolo is following in Jill Dillard’s footsteps and cutting ties with the Duggar family? Or do you think the physical distance between the Vuolos and Duggars is to blame? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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