Is Joe Amabile And Serena P.’s Chemistry On BIP Real? An Expert Tells All

Joe Amabile’s time on “Bachelor in Paradise” hasn’t come without its own set of challenges. As Refinery29 reports, “it was clear that being back was tough for him, and he spent much of the first night brooding on his own.” Thankfully, Joe forged a connection with Serena Pitt, who seemed to help him forget about his ex, Kendall Long. We spoke with body language expert, media coach, international personal branding expert, and author of “A.W.E.S.O.M.E”┬áJess Ponce III to help us dissect the pair’s chemistry … which seems promising.

“Overall, they had a nervous energy reminiscent of Jr. High School crushes,” Ponce revealed, pointing out the way “Serena is playing with her necklace” and how Joe’s legs sway back and forth. After some light conversation, the two got down to business. “When asked if the previous breakup [with Kendall] was a mutual decision, Joe grasped his hands together,” Ponce told us, explaining that Joe “needed to compose himself” for the “serious question.” Throughout their flirty interaction, their “body language is totally open to one another” and they both “touch their own legs/bodies … an indication of body awareness and sexual tension,” Ponce shared. Furthermore, Joe seemed “giddy when Serena asked if he was still contemplating his life,” showing that “he felt seen and validated.” Joe and Serena are clearly feeling the romance, but with the trailer teasing lots of drama still to come, will their connection last?

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