Is Kaitlyn Dever Dating Anyone? ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Star’s Love Life

So, is Kaitlyn Dever dating anyone right now?

Like many stars, Kaitlyn has not revealed many details about her personal life. Her social media is sparse and doesn’t mention any romantic interests. It mostly features Kaitlyn with her sister or friends. However, there have been a few rumors over the years about who Kaitlyn is dating, and several of the names on the list belong to big-name actors in the industry.

In 2014, Kaitlyn was reportedly linked to West Side Story‘s Ansel Elgort, although these rumors were never substantiated. The pair worked together on the movie Men, Women & Children, where their characters were love interests, but there was never any official confirmation that they dated.

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In 2020, rumors about Kaitlyn’s love life returned when she participated in the Quibi series Home Movie: The Princess Bride and appeared in scenes with Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard. The series was directed by Jason Reitman to raise money for World Central Kitchen, and it featured a variety of celebrities acting out scenes from The Princess Bride at home.

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Currently, Kaitlyn appears to be enjoying the single life and has been working on several buzzy upcoming projects, including an episode of The Premise, the miniseries Dopesick, and more. She is currently filming Romeo and Juliet retelling Rosaline in Italy.

What is Kaitlyn Dever’s sexuality?

Since Booksmart was released in theaters, many people have been curious about Kaitlyn’s sexuality since she played a queer character in the film. Kaitlyn told Bustle about her character, Amy, “We don’t just mention her sexuality, she explores it. And the only love scene in this movie is a queer love scene.”

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While Kaitlyn does not clarify her sexuality, she says that she and director Olivia Wilde, who is a bisexual woman, discussed the character of Amy thoughtfully. She said, “In talking to Olivia, I wanted to focus on the range of Amy’s arc and storyline and not be afraid to dive deeper into the emotional parts of the movie because that’s what people really connect to.”

Kaitlyn Dever.

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No person should ever be forced to reveal the details of their sexuality, but fans are glad that no matter what Kaitlyn’s sexuality is, her character’s arc was handled with grace and without stereotyping queer characters.

Currently, you can catch Kaitlyn in Dear Evan Hansen in theaters or in the upcoming limited series Dopesick on Hulu.


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