Is ‘Only Murders in the Building’ Appropriate For Kids? Get the Scoop

Parents might believe that a series that combines crime and comedy into one would be OK for their children to stream. Although crime can be a bit morbid and gory, adding the element of comedy works to balance out disturbing elements, or completely take them out of the equation. So, it’s no surprise that Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building has piqued tons of interest on social media.

Starring Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez, Only Murders in the Building follows the trio as they discover that they can finally bring their passion for true crime and the podcast All Is Not OK in Oklahoma to life. After a murder takes place in their swanky Upper West Side co-op, they set out to document their journey into the unknown. While the storyline does seem to fall on the safe side, parents are still a little apprehensive.

So, is Only Murders in the Building appropriate for kids? Read on to find out.

Hulu’s ‘Only Murders in the Building’ is not the best series for children to watch.

As much as parents may want to allow their children to watch Only Murders in the Building, it may not be what’s best for your children.

For starters, the Hulu series gives audiences insight into a murder investigation via a podcast. And while there is a comedic element to the show, there is a fair amount of focus on the details of a murder, which might not sit right with parents.

Not to mention, the storyline is fairly realistic. As much as we want to deny it, murder is a real crime that happens daily. And with New York City being at the center of the storyline, it could make a child nervous or upset.



Plus, the humor in the series may be too mature for younger kids. Some of the dialogue focuses on sexual innuendos and may lead to discussions that parents might not be ready to have with their kids.

“One of the scenes I couldn’t get through was the dildo scene,” Selena tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I couldn’t get through Marty pointing out different sex toys.” So, there’s that too.

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