Is ‘Out of My League’ Based on a Book? Details on the Netflix Film

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Out of My League.

As most subscribers would agree, Netflix is a treasure trove of movies and TV shows in all different languages. If you don’t speak Italian and don’t mind some subtitles, you may have already gotten into Out of My League. And you’re not alone if you’re wondering if it’s based on a book.

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The movie, a romantic drama, tells the story of a young girl named Marta whose terminal illness doesn’t keep her from living her life. And then she meets a guy named Arturo.

After he agrees to go on a date with her, she keeps her mucoviscidosis diagnosis a secret in an attempt to experience love with him before her time runs out, as she fears it might. Mucoviscidosis is another word for cystic fibrosis, a disorder that damages the lungs and digestive system.

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Out of My League is sort of like A Walk to Remember. You know, the Mandy Moore movie in which the plain Jane at school falls for the cocky popular guy, who finds out she’s dying before he can stop himself from falling in love with her.

Only, Out of My League is a little more realistic in that Marta actually points out how she knows she isn’t conventionally beautiful and how her story isn’t like that of tragic teen dramas.

But is ‘Out of My League’ based on a book?

It turns out, Out of My League is based on a book called Sul più Bello by Eleonora Gaggero. Not only is the young author a writer of a few other novels, but she’s an actress too. In fact, she plays Beatrice, Marta’s romantic rival in Out of My League. The book appears to follow the same plot of the movie. And in the movie version, Marta gets her (mostly) happy ending.

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Ludovica Francesconi as Marta in 'Out of My League'

Source: Netflix

She ends up with Arturo and she doesn’t die, even though her stint in the hospital toward the end of the film might worry some viewers. Other movies with similar plots might turn out differently.

Instead, Marta continues living and she’s inspired to live each day to the fullest even more now that she has true love. Or, at the very least, something close to it with Arturo.

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Is ‘Out of My League’ based on a true story?

Although the plot to Out of My League uses a real genetic disorder, the book and the movie do not appear to be based on a true story. Although, Marta’s mucoviscidosis does come with similar risks which she outlines in the movie.

And if it’s not treated and the individual diagnosed with mucoviscidosis isn’t careful, they could develop more serious lung conditions which lead to death.

At the end of Out of My League, Arturo tells Marta he found an experimental procedure which can increase her chance of survival by 19 percent. That part isn’t exactly accurate.

While there are often FDA-approved experimental drugs for those with cystic fibrosis, the one Arturo mentions is meant for fictional purposes.

But fictional or not, the love story in Out of My League is kind of adorable.

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