Is Prince Harry Jealous Of Prince William’s Recent Heroic Headlines?

These days, it seems like the royals are more preoccupied by how they look in the media headlines and what the other royals are doing in their headlines than anything else. In fact, there’s a new report that suggests Prince Harry might be a tad bit jealous over reports that say Prince Williiam intervened to help a friend and his family escape Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover last month. Here’s what you need to know.

According to reports, William helped an Afghan National Army officer – who he had attended with at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in the UK together – escape Kabul and flee to the UK. The officer and his family, including women and children, were all eligible to be evacuated by UK troops because he’d assisted British troops on the ground in Afghanistan throughout the war.

Is Prince Harry Jealous Of Prince William’s Recent Heroic Headlines?

And while Harry had also attended Sandhurst, it’s not known whether or not he had helped anyone escape Afghanistan too, leading some royal critics to suggest that he might be a little jealous of William’s heroic headlines.

Some social media comments from royal fans and critics have included: “As always actions speak louder than words, well done Prince William. That’s how leadership works Harry,” along with, “Harry went into Afghanistan twice, William picked up a telephone, so who’s the hero. Any serving soldier will tell you that facing live fire is more frightening than picking up a phone.”

Another critic wrote: “Thank you Prince William for caring and for trying to make a difference. We know that all of the countries had boots on the ground there, but it did take the help of civilians and a lot of veterans to assist in getting the job done. We know that you had to move discreetly due to your position (as future King) and for the safety of your own family. I am humbled that you did not see the need or solicit the limelight for yourself even though this did manage to slip out. We don’t know if Prince Harry did the same or anything similar and I don’t think it’s fair of us to assume that he didn’t nor is it fair of us to pit the brothers against one another. Life is not a competition but one that must be lived to the best of each individual’s capabilities.”

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