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General Hospital spoilers report actor Maurice Benard recently name-dropped Rick Hearst leaving us wondering if Sonny Corinthos‘ half-brother, Ric Lansing, is coming back. If Ric returns to Port Charles, it could make Sonny’s return from the dead much more complicated on GH. And it will throw the whole town for a loop, suspect ABC soap opera scoops.

General Hospital Spoilers: Maurice Benard Cryptic Mention Hints Ric Lansing Return?

GH spoilers reveal Sonny Corinthos’ portrayer Maurice Benard dropped a hint recently that prompts the question – is there a return of Ric Lansing ahead? The fact that Mo mentioned Ric now suggests he could be back on General Hospital soon. If so, it will kick the drama up a notch. The actor dropped the photo below on his social media and tagged the other actor.

Currently, Sonny Corinthos is fighting to make his way home after being presumed dead for nearly a year. There will be significant fireworks when Sonny resurfaces. And if Ric comes following along afterward, it’s sure to intensify the drama for Sonny’s family, suggest General Hospital spoilers. And Ric might return to make sure his brother’s really alive. That would make sense in the storyline.

Brother Back for Sonny Corinthos – But Checks on Liz on GH?

General Hospital spoilers predict Ric Lansing just might come back to Port Charles to verify for himself that his brother is truly back from the dead. Although he wasn’t at the funeral, you can bet he knows the mob man died. So, him coming back to see him with his own two eyes wouldn’t be out of character.

If he did return to PC, Ric would no doubt check on his ex-wife Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst). If so, this may terrify Liz. General Hospital viewers may recall, he was not on good terms with Liz the last time he was in town. This was right when Liz was starting to date Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth).

At the time, Liz wanted nothing to do with her ex and made sure he knew that they were not friends. So, if he comes back now looking to reconcile, It will rock Liz’s world. She’s a widow so the shady lawyer might think it’s open season to woo her again on General Hospital…

His return may also bring Liz closer to Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton). She is warming up to Finn these days, as recently reported by Soap Dirt. Indeed, Finn will protect Elizabeth from her ex-husband if she feels he’s a threat. However, that will make them enemies, and Ric Lansing may go after Finn.

Also, Ric’s ex-wife, Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn), will be appalled at his return. General Hospital spoilers remind that Alexis shares daughter Molly Lansing (Haley Pullos) with the smarmy attorney. No doubt, he will be in shock to see Alexis is in prison. Of course, Ric Lansing could be an ally to Alexis. But, his brother Sonny might be hit hardest of all from this comeback on General Hospital – if it happens.

Brothers at War Again on General Hospital – or at Peace at Last?

Soon, on GH, Sonny Corinthos lands back in Port Charles, and it’s going to be intense, to say the least. Recently, Sonny’s wife, Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright), married her best friend, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). To make matters worse, the mob-boss catches “Jarly” in a close moment soon on General Hospital. 

So, Sonny Corinthos’ whole world is about to implode. And if his devious brother comes back into his life, it might be more than the mobster can handle. Sonny had a few brotherly moments with Ric Lansing in years past. But, for the most part, their relationship was hostile. He did some horrible things back in the day on General Hospital

Like when he kidnapped a pregnant Carly (then Tamara Braun) with the intent to steal her baby. And that may be all Sonny remembers of his estranged brother. But, Ric might be the one family member Sonny isn’t mad at for moving on in the wake of his supposed death. So, he may be the only person Sonny can stand to be around.

And after all the crazy, Ric truly did want a relationship with his brother, but felt pushed away by Jason. With Stone Cold on the outs with his boss, it might leave room for  Ric Lansing to get close to Sonny Corinthos. So, Ric could end up being someone Sonny could count on as he rebuilds his life on the ABC soap opera. Stranger things have happened.


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