Is Samara Weaving Rocking Fake Teeth in ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’?

Similar in theme to The White Lotus and Fantasy Island (the 2020 horror film and the 2021 reboot series), Nine Perfect Strangers explores themes like interdependency and the strange workings of privilege.

Akin to a social experiment boosted by the presence of unnervingly colorful smoothies, Nine Perfect Strangers charts the journey of nine people eager to give the Bento box treatment to their increasingly troubled lives. Samara plays Jessica, an influencer with body dysmorphia and marital issues.

Jessica started to modify her body and appearance after she and her hubby, Ben (Melvin Gregg), won $22 million in the lottery. But the self-betterment plan turned out to be a slippery slope — as Jessica continued to fix up one barely perceptible flaw after another.

As actress Samara told Digital Spy, she had to wear an arsenal of accessories on set. Fake breasts and a fake behind were part and parcel of the look, she revealed. What’s more, she was also rocking fake teeth.

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