Is Shawn Hatosy leaving Animal Kingdom; is Pope gone for good?

Animal KingdomIs Shawn Hatosy leaving Animal Kingdom after the events of season 5 episode 5? We at least would understand if you were concerned. The character is seemingly set to skip town!

If you’ve been watching the TNT drama all season long, then you know already that this character is going through all sorts of pain. Let’s just take a minute to break some of it down. He’s the only person in the Cody family who really seems to care about Smurf’s death and tonight, he also learned that Angela was dead. That’s a LOT for any one person to process. He’s trying to manage his grief but it’s not easy, especially when it is impacting him physically in the way that it is.

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If there is any sort of good news to hand down tonight, it’s simply this: Hatosy is not leaving the show. We’ve already seen the synopsis for the next new episode, and indicates that Pope will continue to be a part of the story. The question mark comes mostly in when he will be back around the family again. Is this going to be a departure that lasts for some extended period of time?

At this point, we’d argue that Animal Kingdom needs Shawn more than ever before — he anchors the story more with Ellen Barkin gone, and he’s also delivered an Emmy-level performance from start to finish as Pope tackles his grief.

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What do you think is going to be coming on Animal Kingdom for Shawn Hatosy?

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