Is the premiere script done?

This Is Us Season 5We’re still going to be waiting a while to see This Is Us season 6 on the air — and yea, we totally wish that this was not the case. There are still so many stories we want to see play out!

While there are not a lot of major spoilers out there for the season (and probably won’t be for a good while), we can at least give you a sense of what’s being done behind the scenes. To be specific, the script for episode 1 is said and done!

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In a new post on Twitter, show creator Dan Fogelman posted the front page of the script for the premiere alongside the title “One Down.” There are a lot of symbols in the title for this episode, and we don’t think this is evidence that the episode is named after a bunch of swear words. This is probably just his way of keeping the title under wraps for a little while. (We tried to count the number of characters to see if this was code for “The Wedding,” but it’s not.)

The one major thing we know about season 6 at the time of this writing is that there are plans aplenty to play around with time in the final season. There is a lot of ground to cover! The remaining episodes need to offer closure in the present, plus also Kate’s second wedding and then also Rebecca seemingly on her deathbed. We even have the time period beyond that where Jack Damon becomes a father!

Alas, you won’t be seeing any of this until This Is Us season 6 premieres at some point in 2022.

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