Is the Queen of England Still Alive? Twitter Hoax Worries Royal Fans

Fans of the British Royal Family were startled when “The Queen is Dead” began trending in all capital letters on Twitter in late August of 2021. Queen Elizabeth II is currently 95 years old, a remarkable age for any person, and with the recent passing of Prince Philip, it’s only natural people would be concerned about her welfare.

Queen Elizabeth is still alive, contrary to viral tweets saying otherwise.

The viral phrase “Queen is dead” appears to have originated from multiple sources, both wildly different from one another. The first reason for the phrase trending is related to the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise, where controversial “Queen” Victoria Larsen declared that her moniker “It’s Goddess now. The Queen is dead,” to which she received the reply, “Oh, OK, I didn’t get CC’d on that.”

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Victoria is best known for her alleged bullying on the set of The Bachelor, so it might not be a surprise to long-term Bachelor Nation members that she’s stirring up trouble once more by changing her preferred title. However, the other reason for “The Queen is Dead” trending happened due to a viral tweet from the gaming community.

Source: Twitter

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User @Whyenn_Reader on Twitter posted a tweet on Aug. 22, 2021, that read, “burner44z [shaking hands emoji] the Queen: died on 22.08.21” User burner44z was a member of the “mcyt fandom,” which stands for Minecraft YouTuber. The account, which one TikTok user explains was run by two people, was dedicated to funny screenshots of the main Minecraft YouTuber collective.

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Unfortunately, it looks like user Burner44z has deactivated for seemingly no reason, although many believe it was simply for dramatic effect after tweeting a joke about “going to the store to get some milk.” A second account with the handle Burner44ztwo has already appeared, seemingly from the same person. The Queen of England has nothing to do with either situation and was simply part of a viral Tweet now responsible for confused citizens wondering if the Queen died.

Confused Twitter users took to the internet to express their confusion.

However dire a statement such as “The Queen died/is dead” may seem, many people took to Twitter to express outrage and confusion at being hoodwinked by Minecraft Youtuber fans and Bachelor in Paradise watchers alike. One account, titled “Queen Lizzie Updates,” tweeted “the queen is not dead” shortly after the phrase went viral.

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Another user said, “The way my eyes BULGED when I saw that “the queen is dead” was trending (she’s not.) As if I was DEEPLY IMPACTED!” One user got straight to the point and remarked, “So is the Queen actually dead, or am I going crazy?” Luckily, none of the British Royal Family have personal Twitter accounts or else there might be severe distress in the palace.

All’s well that ends well, because Elizabeth is fine.

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