Is Tom Selleck stepping down from Blue Bloods?

Is Tom Selleck leaving Blue Bloods at some point in season 12? Could we actually see Frank Reagan step down as Commissioner?

Through most of the season to date, we’ve seen a lot of conflict between Frank and the Mayor — someone who is out to screw over the PC at any possible moment. Things have been really tense, but Frank still is not backing down. As a matter of fact, he continued to challenge the guy! He wants to do everything he can to make Frank’s life as hard as possible and now, he could be looking for an out.

The preview for next week’s new episode confirmed that Frank will be offered a new job; he just has to figure out whether or not he wants it. There are some clear benefits that could come with the gig, including an opportunity to make his own rules and not have to answer to anyone in the same way.


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