Is Whitney Way Thore Still With the Frenchman? Here’s the Scoop

Season 9 of TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life captures the next chapter in Whitney Way Thore’s life. Having overcome all the drama caused by her ex-fiancé, a bar manager-turned-CFO and DOO named Chase Severino, Whitney now has her eyes on someone new — a Frenchman, no less. So, how are Whitney and her new crush doing now? What happened to them since the shooting of Season 9 wrapped?

Whitney Way Thore and the mysterious Frenchman are officially together.

Whitney embarked on a trip to Paris — the city of love, as they say — in the summer of 2021. She posted one of her first photos with her new beau on Instagram on July 21, 2021, officially confirming that the sparks are more than alive.

As she explained in the captions, the mystery man wanted to protect his privacy. He agreed to do the photo-op in front of the Louvre Pyramid, one of the most famous landmarks, but he didn’t want his face shown. Whitney used a circle to cover up his features.

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Wearing a pair of black pants, a light brown jacket, and matching sneakers in the first two photos, he looked every bit the gentleman. Whitney’s initial post was soon followed by additional snaps of herself and her new partner.

During her time in France, Whitney also attended a pool party, and she made time to visit the Eiffel Tower, Disneyland Paris in Chessy, and other sights. She and the mystery man also spent some time at the Luxembourg Gardens.

“I wish I could put this relationship into words, but honestly, it’s all been a blur,” Whitney captioned a post shared on Sept. 1, 2021. “Nah, but for real, the amount of comments and DMs and tweets I’ve gotten from viewers assuring me that this man is embarrassed by me and does not care about me is confusing.”

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As she explained, many commenters saw her new partner’s keenness to cover up his face in a negative light, arguing he may not want to be seen in public with her. Whitney clapped back at the critics, pointing out that he already spent a considerable chunk of time out and about with her without displaying the faintest signs of shame.

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“I just spent six weeks with him in the planet’s most-visited country, and as you can see, we are clearly out in public at one of the world’s biggest tourist attractions …” she wrote. “But because he doesn’t want his face shown on TV to millions of people around the world, he must be embarrassed by me?”

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