Isabel Roloff Blasts ‘Vile’ Instagram Troll, Sets Stern Boundary For Fans

Celebrities like Isabel Roloff have to deal with trolls all the time. Roloff has been very vocal about her feelings on reproductive laws. The recent law in Texas has some fans criticizing Isabel for her beliefs.

Isabel is openly pro-choice and against the law. There are a lot of opinions about people that support the law. Those in the spotlight have to deal with trolls coming after them on social media. Isabel hasn’t been quiet about her feelings on the matter.

Isabel already asked fans to let her enjoy her first pregnancy. For some reason, fans thought her sharing so much was rubbing it in her sister-in-law Tori’s face since Tori had a miscarriage. Audrey Roloff is also pregnant. Isabel asked fans to stop sending hateful messages to her. Now, she’s dealing with it again.

Isabel Roloff Said It’s Time to Set a Boundary

“I’m setting a boundary. We’ll see how things go before I turn my messages off. When talking about specific subjects, do not bring my child into it,” she warned fans on Instagram.

Not only did she share this message in her story, but she outed the person who messaged her. The troll said, “I’ll pray for your baby that you don’t kill it before it’s born.”

Isabel said that was just a vile thing to say. She posted, “Also I don’t feel like protecting these crazies anymore. Her name is @dtertz.” Isabel had no problem sharing the troll’s name and making sure she knows she’ll be blocked. Mama Bear is going to protect her cub.

She shared on her Instagram for her and Jacob’s anniversary that they can’t wait to meet their new baby. She said, ” Can’t wait to meet our baby in three months and continue this wild journey together, my love.” Fans love that she’s sharing her pregnancy with them. One said, “So excited for you! You look so beautiful.”

Isabel Roloff, Instagram

The Reality Star Is An Inspiration For Many

Isabel Roloff has never hidden her true feelings about anything and is happy to be open with her fans. Not only did she share they should let her enjoy her pregnancy, but also her past history with an eating disorder. She talked about how that disorder affected her pregnancy and how she sees herself.

Isabel Roloff, Instagram

Roloff admitted she had a bit of a hard time with the number on the scale. She knows it’s what she has to do for a healthy baby, but it’s still very hard. Isabel has come a long way and tries to instill body confidence in all women. She wanted to share in case it helped someone dealing with the same problem, and most fans were appreciative.

What do you think about Isabel calling out her trolls and their vile comments? Comment with your thoughts below.

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