Isabel Roloff Shares ‘Healing Is Not Linear,’ Discusses Eating Disorder

Little People, Big World star Isabel (Rock) Roloff takes to Instagram with some very heartfelt words about her past. Sadly, the reality television star shares that she’s struggled with an eating disorder in the past. Keep reading to find out what Isabel says about her past and healing.

Little People, Big World star Isabel Roloff gets candid about being triggered at a doctors appointment, reveals past eating disorder

Recently, Isabel Roloff went to the doctor. More likely than not, her recent visit to see her doctor was a routine one to check on the baby. In her Instagram Stories, she discusses how seeing how much she weighs on the scale triggered her. However, the post isn’t all bad and it is clear that Isabel is on the road to recovery.

Instagram Isabel Rock

In her Instagram Stories, Isabel recounts how her visit went. She writes, “Unfortunately the number on the scale is weighing heavily on me today from yesterday’s appointment.” After that, she explains that she knows she weighs more than she ever has. She also know that this is normal for being pregnant. Isabel even says that she knows she could decline to step on the scale, but she did it anyway. Unfortunately, she was “immediately triggered by the number.”

Little People, Big World Isabel Roloff eating disorder
Instagram Isabel Rock

Next, Isabel discusses all the positives from her experience. She writes, “Even though I feel great, and even logically know I look great too, growing a human!” Furthermore, she shares that even after years of work to “become more accepting of ourselves,” “our minds can be mean to us still.”

She shares a throwback photo

After that, Isabel shares a throwback photo from when she was in high school. She explains in the caption that at this point in her life, she was “obsessed with the number on the scale.” She uses this photo to further exemplify what she means by “healing is not linear.” Ultimately, Isabel feels like this old version of herself is still inside of her. However, she has “so much compassion for her and what she’s overcome.”

Little People, Big World Isabel Roloff eating disorder
Instagram Isabel Rock

After sharing her story on Instagram Stories, Isabel posts her testimony on her Instagram page. she gives thanks to her fans for how they reacted. She also recognizes that she has a lot in common with some of her fans. “So thank you for lifting me up. After all, this body is my baby’s home,” concludes the expectant mother.

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