Isabel Roloff Shares Sneak Peek At Amy Roloff’s Wedding Details

Amy Roloff’s wedding is happening during the last weekend in August. A few days before the highly anticipated ceremony, Amy’s daughter-in-law, Isabel Roloff, shared a sneak peek at the wedding prep. Stay on this page for all the details we know so far about Amy Roloff’s wedding on August 28, 2021!

Amy’s Daughters-In-Law Attend Bridal Party Despite Rumored Feud

Amy Roloff’s three daughters-in-law used to be very close. Audrey and Tori bonded a few years ago over being pregnant at the same time. However, their relationship seemed to wane in the last year or so. Fans speculate that Tori has a hard time dealing with Audrey’s latest pregnancy due to Tori suffering a miscarriage earlier this year.

Isabel Roloff is also pregnant. But Tori put any negative feelings aside to celebrate her mother-in-law’s upcoming nuptials. Earlier this month, all three were in attendance at Amy Roloff’s bridal shower.


Jacob, Amy, and Isabel Roloff via Instagram

Wedding Details Scarce – What Do We Know?

Amy Roloff has been secretive about the minor, but important, details of her wedding. She did ask Tori’s son Jackson to be the ring bearer, which viewers saw on Little People, Big World. Audrey let it slip months ago that her daughter Ember would be involved in the wedding as the flower girl.

Now that she’s walking, maybe Tori’s daughter Lilah will share flower girl duties with her cousin.

Wedding attendees will get a hand-painted rock as a souvenir. The rocks were an issue between Amy and her future husband, Chris Marek. He wanted a secondary wedding favor. Additionally, fans find the rocks a “cheap” idea.

What we don’t know is who will walk Amy Roloff down the wedding. Her father suffered some health issues earlier this month and it’s unclear if he will be able to attend.

Another question mark is Amy Roloff’s maid of honor and bridal party. Fans speculate that one of Amy’s close friends will serve as the maid of honor.

We do know that the TLC cameras will be on hand. Amy confirmed this herself on her Instagram. However, the network has yet to announce when the wedding special will air. Some fans claim that Amy said six months. However, other fans believe the special episode will air in September. No matter when it airs, LPBW viewers will get to see Amy Roloff’s wedding.

Isabel Roloff Shares Sneak Peek of Amy Roloff’s Wedding Details

As viewers know, Amy Roloff had a hard time finding a wedding venue due to so many wedding postponements in 2020. In fact, Amy Roloff originally planned to marry Chris Marek in 2020, but had to postpone for a year due to the pandemic.

Amy’s ex-husband, Matt Roloff, suggested that she hold the wedding at Roloff Farms. Amy eventually agreed. According to a recent comment by Matt, the nuptials will take place in a “120 yr barn” on the property.

Isabel Roloff’s sneak peek of the wedding seems to show that Amy embraced the “down-home” feel of a farm wedding. The short clip posted on Isabel’s Instagram focuses on a photo display. Snapshots of Chris and Amy hang by clothespins on what looks like chicken wire.

Bales of hay line the barn walls. See the sneak peek of Amy Roloff’s wedding:

Amy Roloff will marry Chris Marek on Saturday, August 28. Check back with us for more about the wedding as it becomes available. Congratulations to Amy and Chris!

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