Isabel Roloff Shares Update On Long-Awaited Poetry Book
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Isabel Roloff Shares Update On Long-Awaited Poetry Book

Does another Roloff family member have a book coming out soon? Isabel Roloff gives fans an update on the poetry book she’s been working on. Keep reading to find out the latest on the project. 

Roloffs: Family of Published Authors 

Almost everyone in the Little People, Big World family has a book (or two) out. Amy Roloff published her memoir, A Little Me. Additionally, she has a cookbook featuring her recipes called Short and Simple Family Recipes. 

Her ex-husband, Matt Roloff, also has an autobiography. Against Tall Odds: Being a David in a Goliath World came out in 1999. In 2018, he published his first children’s book, Little Lucy Big Race. 

Matt and Amy’s son, Jeremy Roloff, is also a published author. He collaborates with his wife, Audrey, on different publications. Their work varies from self-help marriage books (A Love Letter Life) to journals (Creative Love.)

Jacob Roloff has two books listed on Amazon, both seem to be self-published. Verbing and Out to Sea were both published by Rock & Roloff LLC.

Even Zach Roloff is technically a published author, as Little Family, Big Values is attributed to the entire family. 

Isabel Roloff Shares Update on Long-Awaited Poetry Book 

The ‘Rock’ in Rock & Roloff LLC is Isabel Sofia Rock, Jacob’s wife. Like her husband, Isabel is a multi-talented artist. Among her talents is writing poetry. Fans have been eagerly waiting for her promised book of poetry. In fact, in late 2020, the book seemed to be on the brink of publication. She treated her followers to postcards with bits of the poems on them. 

Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram

However, as time went on, news of the book’s publication never came. And now Isabel is sharing why. During a recent Instagram question and answer session, Isabel addressed the poetry book. According to Isabel, it was set to be published back in 2020. She even had a release date. 

However, the illustrator she was working with couldn’t meet the deadline set forth. So, she put a pin in publishing the poetry book until she found another illustrator. Then life happened. In July of 2021, Isabel Roloff revealed that she is pregnant, expecting her first child later this year. 

At the time, she was already four or five months pregnant. Her plans to publish a book of poetry may be a bit delayed due to her pregnancy. However, she plans to write poetry about her experience and add them to her forthcoming book. 

Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram

So, while Isabel Roloff’s poetry book did not get published when she originally intended, she still plans to release it to the world. 

Read Some of Her Writings

Good news, though – you don’t have to wait for the book to read some of Isabel’s work. She sometimes posts snippets of her work on her Instagram. Shortly after announcing her pregnancy, she shared one of her first poems dedicated to her son. 

Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram

Another of the poems Isabel shared on her Instagram is about the Earth. She reflects on the beauty of nature. You can read some of the poems in the snippet below. Click here to see the full poem. 

Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram

Are you happy that Isabel Roloff still plans to release her poetry book? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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